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Houston_SEO_ServicesThere are many strategies that can be used to strengthen online marketing. One of those is through the use of social news websites. This type of medium permits surfers to share interesting information with others. Registered members who like the content will undoubtedly pass it on, therefore increasing the prominence and visibility of a website within a given internet niche. For Austin TX SEO, when relevant, high quality, unique, fresh, and updated content is submitted, social news sites can nudge viral marketing to another level.

What is a Social News Site?

Generally, this is a unique interface that allows registered participants to furnish, submit and even vote on written articles, stories, and other inbound links. The platform usually collects and shares the information to users and randomly ranks them based on popularity. It has vote boxes which is a primary way to lift or lower the prominence of certain content. While this permits democratic participation, it creates a wide scope of viral marketing which is very essential in gaining visibility and positioning.

To survive in this type of marketing arena, the content must be sound, provocative, intriguing, relevant, and informative. In the event readers determine that the content is valuable and relevant, millions of online traffic and in turn increased visibility can be upwardly driven.

Is This Platform Far-Reaching?

The goal of Austin TX SEO in using social media is not to sell products or services; rather, it is a tactic used to obtain publicity by educating and providing general knowledge to the public regarding organizational benefits or beneficial products. On the other hand, it is estimated that there are billions of surfers using social news sites which is a very extensive audience that should not be neglected by any conventional form of marketing strategy.

By far, major search engines positively index this type of unique interface which establishes a link directly to a company’s website. Since the content is based on members involvement and valid submissions, major search engine like Google rank this highly which translates into a positive vote for the website. This method provides great visibility and positioning.

Top 4 Social News Sites

Below are the top social news websites with strong traffic and good page ranking.

  • Slashdot – News stories are related to science and technology; this site offers discussion forums which can potentially drive a surge of traffic.
  • Digg – Members can vote here on content based on its relevance; this site has been estimated to have almost 4 million monthly visits.
  • Reddit – Content here can be submitted in the form of a link or post that contains original text. Users can vote ‘up’ or ‘down’, with links gaining popularity successfully positioned on the front page.
  • Metafilter – This is a community of blogs where users can simply post relevant links. It has a Q & A portion to share ideas about certain subjects. The site is stable and considered to have a high conversion factor.

There are many benefits to the use of social news sites that make this an important medium to be used to gain higher rankings. There are quick, extensive traffic; it can increase conversion rates; quality inbound links can be provided; it greatly increase ROI; and it is very helpful with brand recognition.

Social news sites are indeed a good tool for SEO marketing efforts. By creating share-worthy content related to a business, the social site can offer a new marketing strategy to increase online visibility and page ranking. These platforms do have different categories, so it is important to select one that best corresponds to am organization’s interest. Get the help of Austin TX SEO professionals if encountered any problems in deciding on the best ones to use. By all means, use this helpful tool to optimize any website and gain more traffic and conversions!

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