Make A Social Media Profile Key to an SEO Plan!


The online world of social networking permeates the entire internet and is inseparable from the very fabric Houston_Search_Engine_Optimizationof the modern internet. It is expected that information should be: organized and presented automatically by digital formulas; accessible with a single click; and sharable with online friends and associates – all with the same level of ease. The integration of social media with Houston search engine optimization (SEO) has become a key ingredient to the creation of successful websites following the Web 2.0 standard. To be able to connect with and successfully promote a website to millions of daily users of social media, several steps must be taken.

Establish Memberships

First, memberships need to be established with all of the major or otherwise relevant social media sites. This is usually cost-free and quick to set up. When creating online profiles, it is important to remember that the content should be optimized for search engines just like any other online text. Social profiles rank highly in search results and those who are members of the same network are more likely to click on such familiar links.

Keywords should be researched and implemented where possible. Sites such as Facebook allow users to create custom URLs for profile pages, which is a great opportunity to place a carefully chosen keyword in the address itself. All profiles pertaining to the same target page should be uniformly written and designed to establish identity so that searchers will instantly know they have landed at the right location.

Link Profiles

The next step is that all online profiles should be linked to one another as much as possible as well as link back to the targeted page. There are Houston search engine optimization companies who are experts at directing site traffic and promoting brand recognition, both of which are key components to increasing visitor numbers. By connecting the profile of one social network to another, visitors are encouraged to extend interaction with that business.

For example, Twitter allows its users to “follow” other users, receiving continuous updates whenever new information becomes available. Facebook users share data with each other by clicking a “like” button for information that interests them. A company’s own page should serve as a nexus, which offers instantaneous connections to all of the businesses’ social media profiles.


Finally, once all connections have been established, it is time to promote a website across the social media spectrum. If proper preparation has been done, posting a link on any network could start a virtual avalanche of online sharing, which has many benefits.

Users share information cost-free which means that very popular websites quickly go “viral” and spread from one network to another without requiring any additional advertising. Search engines will increase the rank of those profiles who have many regular visitors. Web design companies can research and optimize the timing and placement of social media signals, and help drive the traffic efficiently to the target page.

Social networking is extremely important when any internet page is created. The Houston search engine optimization company hired to design a new website should be experts and know exactly how to make the social media profile of a business a key piece of any SEO plan!

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  1. I have a site but I don’t use any social media. After reading this I think I’ll go set up at least a Facebook page.

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