Social Bookmarking and Website Traffic 101!


Houston Search Engine OptimizationWhile heavy traffic is one of the most dreaded things about driving in many cities, when used in the internet context, traffic is actually one of the best things for a website. A lot of money is spent on Houston search engine optimization in an effort to drive traffic to websites. One of the least expensive and most effective ways of accomplish this goal is through social bookmarking.


A social bookmarking web page allows users to create an account to store various links; however, the unique feature of social bookmarking is that the link is stored online, making it more accessible especially since account owners have the option to share such links with other users.

Although the main purpose of social bookmarking is to give users a mobile option for web address storage, from a general perspective the links are actually extensive directories of web addresses. When adding a connection, it is necessary to include a category that fits the link being stored. Once added, that link is categorized and becomes available on search results pages for everyone to see.


Since the saved links are available to other users, social bookmarking can also serve as an effective web marketing tool and can be very helpful in Houston search engine optimization. Connections on these sites are categorized based on topics, making them easy to find and access by other users. Once a link appears in search results, the link can be clicked on and the web page accessed, giving a website free organic traffic.


Getting traffic is one of the challenges of building an effective website, so doing that without cost and with the least amount of effort through a bookmarking site is extremely beneficial. The challenge to having successful backlinks is to be listed in the right category in search engine results. Following are some tips to help achieve such a result.

  • Catchy Headlines – The first thing that appears in search results is a list of headlines that connect to the web page; in most cases, this is the only text to appear. It is then important to use words that are intriguing and promise reader benefits. If an option to add a description is available, it should be used to offer interesting tidbits to readers that prompt a search for more information.
  • Add Option – Add a bookmarking option to a website. Links can be saved on a website, although it is better if visitors do it themselves. Add a bookmark icon from poplar sites like Digg, Mixx, Reddit, etc., somewhere on the web page.
  • Interesting Topics – One of the problems with traffic from bookmarking sites is that it can pour in over night and be gone the next day. This happens when there is not really something on the website that is valuable enough to keep traffic coming. Be sure that a page offers interesting topics to get readers hooked and wanting to return again for more such information.
  • Suitable Category – Links that are submitted are categorized to become more searchable. There is no point in readers clicking on a link if the response is not what is wanted . So it is important to be sure that every connection is properly seen by submitting it under the right category.
  • Community Involvement – It is not enough to create a bookmark to gain traffic. The attention of other registered users must be gained as well as providing a link to be clicked. This can be accomplished by interacting with the community by rating other links, leaving reviews, and networking with other members.

Bookmarking is an effective Houston search engine optimization strategy. It is important to understand that it is not enough to just save a link and expect traffic overnight. To be effective, a reasonable amount of effort and dedication must be given. Once a link gets noticed and becomes popular, a snowball effect can be created that could provide a website with an uninterrupted stream of free traffic. That is the important and valuable information about social bookmarking and website traffic to be learned!

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