Significant Ways to Find a Great Web Design Example!


web design exampleThe internet has evolved so much since it first began. So many improvements have taken place; one of which is in the area of web design. Early web designs were consisted entirely of texts, followed by the addition of images, and everything else continued to progress to what design is today. Basically, everything was just trial-and-error back then with only a few successful websites setting the trend in web design with outstanding websites.

Trial-and-Error Approach

The trial-and-error approach to web design isn’t a very effective route. If you use a similar approach to design a website, you are pretty much rolling the dice and hoping for a successful gamble with your website! Although this method is a possible way to come up with a completely new and unique design, the chance of getting positive response is pretty slim. It’s would be much safer to use tested and proven web design concepts and methods rather than taking any ricks with your web design; for that, a web design example is a great tool.

Web Designer’s Portfolio

For someone looking for a web design for his next website, or for a frustrated designer looking for some inspiration from another web design, a web designer’s portfolio is a great place to visit. The portfolio of a successful designer is rich with various web designs examples.

The portfolio is a place where web designers showcase the best of their web designs, so there’s a good chance of finding one that can bring inspiration. The portfolio is an abundant source of ideas and innovations that can spice up your personal web design. Finding a designer’s portfolio to review is relatively easy since almost every web designer out there has one.

Check the Internet

Other than the web designer’s portfolio, one additional way to find great web design example is by spending some time scanning the internet. What better way to find good web designs than seeing and actually using live websites! You will find that it is actually an effective and unbiased way of finding great web designs examples.

You can start your search on the internet based on the kind of business or product that will be displayed on y our website. Unsure where to start? A basic yet simple way to begin is by locating your competitor’s website. You can use this web design example as a perspective for your own design ideas. Look at it critically and list the good design aspects of the site as well as the negative aspects of the website. This will give you a goal as to what must be done to match or exceed their performance.

A good web design example pretty much stands out on the web. Knowing the difference between a good web design example and a poor one isn’t really that difficult. As web users ourselves, we should be able to distinguish between the good and the bad ones.

Questions to Consider

If you are a little bit unsure that your own personal taste is what is needed in a website design, then try asking yourself these questions:

  • Is the graphic design appropriate for this website?

  • Is the layout clean and well organized?

  • Is it simple to navigate?

  • Does it have the right content?

  • Does the content have the proper title and Meta tags?

  • Is the website quick to load on the browser?

If the answers to the above questions are ‘yes’ in all cases, then congratulations are in order! Your taste would appear to be in line with what is wanted for most websites. You should then feel comfortable with any decision you make about your website and soon your website can be recommended as a great web design example!

Chris Hunter is an expert in Web Design and Search Engine Marketing and runs a blog about Internet Marketing techniques. He has been designing websites since 1994 both as a hobby and now professionally. He is currently VP of Operations for Web Unlimited based north of Houston, TX. For additional information, go to Houston web designers.


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  1. What I should say after reading this post, all of your articles are very nice, valuable and full of informatics stuff…………………. Every could get a great benefit from them.
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  2. What I should say after reading this post, all of your articles are very nice, valuable and full of informatics stuff…………………. Every could get a great benefit from them.
    Best of luck…………………..!

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