Shifting Currents in Website Design – 2012 Version!


The beginning of 2012 has seen many new trends emerging in website design. The fluctuations in stylistic Texas_Web_Designchoices are affected by the emergence of new technologies and a younger generation of internet users, causing many Texas web design companies to make radical changes to standard page layouts. While trends tend to come and go, many online changes can be predicted to some degree if the causes behind them are identified.

Bolder Direction

2012 seems to be shifting web design in a markedly bolder direction. This may be an effort to grab the short-spanned and constantly shrinking attention of modern viewers. Large logos and fonts are becoming increasingly common in page headers and navigation menus. Over-sized, cartoon-like vector graphics are apparently a staple of modern site makeovers and can be seen flanking the navigation panels of major websites and companies. Slab typefaces have resurfaced, thanks to bold and prominent qualities, spawning a new generation of slab-serif fonts.

Another returning trend in the world of online fonts is the use of varied typography, which ties into the strong visual themes aimed at younger users being used on many websites. Encasing page headers and logos in banner and ribbon graphics appears to be another prominent stylistic technique this year.

Mobile Devices

The boom of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices capable of browsing the internet has had a direct impact on how sites are designed, most noticeably in the growing employment of Responsive Web Design (RWD). This technology uses flexible page parameters to ensure that the size of all site components can be adjusted automatically to suit a variety of screen sizes, including the very limited surfaces of mobile phones. Since mobile technology is not going to disappear, Texas web design experts say that the implementation of RWD will undoubtedly become an industry standard, replacing restricted parameters.

Site navigation has been granted some new, innovative possibilities, the most remarkable being the implementation of a fixed-position navigation bar which stays at a pre-determined window position regardless of how the page is scrolled. This effect can be achieved by using JavaScript or CSS code, making it both customizable and compatible with a large range of display configurations. It can also be combined with another popular trend – multi-column menus using an added horizontal space now standard on modern wide screen monitors. The introduction of jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 animation offers many additional possibilities for creating exciting menus.

Online visual trends are connected to new technologies that is capable of browsing web pages. The popularity of mobile devices has introduced a new industry standard in the form of RWD to ensure compatibility. Large graphics, logos and fonts are being used to capture the attention of younger internet users, which has led to the development of new slab-serif typefaces and over-sized vector graphics. New technologies, such as jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 allow Texas web design companies to incorporate fixed-position navigation bars and other exciting visual solutions that can be used to revamp an old site or construct a brand new one for the the shifting currents of web design in 2012!

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  1. I’ve had my website since 2005 and I haven’t changed anything about it, except for some content. Why is it important to update it when I don’t need to change any of the information?

    • That’s a great question. It’s a good idea to keep your site up to date with current trends to avoid looking dated. If your site looks old, visitors may avoid it. Also, like the article said, it’s a good idea to have a mobile site so visitors can easily view it on their mobile devices.

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