SEO – Why It’s Always Going To Be Old and New!


Austin SEOThe Internet is a vast expanse of endless information – so it is very easy for an average website to get lost in the global internet jungle. The best way for a website to stand out from the crowd and be noticed is through SEO or search engine optimization which has been the main technique to build an online presence when used with other common methods. SEO is a tried and true technique yet it is also new every time it is used. Learning its similarities and differences and individual functioning on a site-by-site basis is what allows a web page to be ranked at the top of the search engine results listings.

Basic SEO Principles

Between Google’s constant algorithm updates and new ways of coding, the idea of search engine optimization has remained constant as an essential factor in developing and designing successful websites. The optimization techniques employed for a website must be complementary to its content, audience and goals; this idea or concept of SEO will be unlikely to change when it comes to defining and implementing SEO.

New vs Old SEO

Technically, it is hard to say that either new or old SEO even exist since it is all search engine optimization: same purpose, same way of doing it, same type of results, even if the best of results are not obtained every time. This last point brings up a need to understand that old and new SEO is more a reference to something that works now as opposed to something that used to work but does not any longer – or at least doesn’t work on every website.

Due to frequent updates by Google as a part of continued efforts to penalize spam and poor quality websites, it seems as though SEO itself is going through a conversion. In actuality, it is more along the lines of different techniques working better than others even as newer techniques are being discovered – still, optimization is optimization. In a sense, all SEO is old at a certain point yet new as it evolves as well. The secret is to know how to incorporate new ideas with tried and true methods.

What is New in SEO Today?

So what is new in search engine optimization today? Being seen through the use of social media is newer and huge. There are always adjustments to be made based on the type of website and what social platform is being used to gain followers; however, this newer method of creating and regularly using social profile pages pulls in additional viewers so that other, existing methods work even better as well.

As Google has continued to emphasize website quality, new ideas and methods have sprung up as well. Content quality is the one important element that has not changed at all; however, there are now different ways to create high quality websites including using valuable back links, authorship, and brand name recognition. These methods have changed considerably as time has gone on, offering different ways to attract the attention of viewers beyond just using keywords and backlinks. There are ways now to actively market websites and highlight products or services on any website, slightly different ways to get the same – or better – results.

Whether it is seen as the same – or as new ideas and techniques – SEO still involves nearly the same ideas as it always has, perhaps just a little bit updated. The main difference now is that as website development and design has become more complex, there are more ways in which search engine optimization can be used to gain many of the available benefits. Even though it will always be old – SEO will always be new as well!

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