SEO and Website Design; The Best of Both Worlds!


SEO in HoustonIt is a smart decision to exercise caution when trusting a web design company that also offers SEO services. On the other hand, the promotion of a website is critical to its success as well as the amount of value it can add. To captivate more visitors, a website design needs to look attractive, both to searchers and search engines.

SEO compatible website design is a result of comprehensive techniques that meet the standards set up by search engines. To achieve high rankings while still catering to customers demands, SEO in Houston is the way to go.

Here are some tips to assure that a website design looks attractive to users and search engine spiders alike:

User Friendly

The most vital function that a website performs is informing its users about a particular subject. If users are lost or unsure of how to access the information they are looking for, the point of the website is completely lost. Follow these tips to avoid losing visitors!

  • Rich Content – Everything on a website needs to be relevant, high quality content and should be easy to read, if not, users will not return.
  • Navigation Scheme – Users do not always land on the home page. If a user arrives at a different page on the site, it must be easy to navigate from there to the home page.
  • Easy to Find Pages – Web pages should be easy to find on industry related sites or on search engines and directories. Internet searchers usually don’t have the patience to search for information for hours. The fewer clicks it takes to get to the website, the better!
  • Appropriate Graphics Usage – Graphics and images may cause a site to have a slow download speed. Therefore, use graphics and images appropriately to maintain a clutter-free, clearly laid out site.
  • Fast Download Speed – Website pages should download in 30 seconds or less, even when using an old modem.

Spider Friendly

Even if a website is completely user friendly, it won’t have its optimum web presence unless it is also designed with search engine spiders in mind. The following are some tips to help any site get noticed by top search engines with the use of SEO in Houston.

  • Title Page – Instead of using the site URL or ‘home page’ as the title of the main page, use keywords that pertain to the content of the site for the title wordings.
  • Optimize Each Page – Since search engine spiders scan each page individually, all pages should be optimized the same way. Use highly competitive keywords as the subject of each page.
  • Highly Dense Keywords – Use specific keywords or word phrases that customers will search for. Use keyword research tools to check on what people are typing in.
  • Page Content – Readers are kept interested in a website if its pages contain high dense keywords that are naturally fit in to the content. Avoid stuffing pages with keywords as search engines will catch on and ban the site.
  • Link and Image Tags – Use keywords for links and image tags instead of just “click here.” This will increase the relevance of the pages and help with search engine spider recognition.

It is worth investing in professional help to get a website design that is both appealing to its human users and easily recognized by search engine spiders. To maximize the value of a website, see what a first-rate web design firm who performs SEO in Houston can do. An exceptional design firm who can offer SEO services can show any business how to get the best of both worlds!

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    • Great question! Your search engine ranking is based on a mix of a number of different things including your targeted keywords, how competitive your industry is, how many links you have pointing back to your website from other sources, how specific your keywords are and how many of your competitors are also trying to work on their rankings. A quality SEO strategy can balance all of these factors and achieve progress!

  1. Hi Chris
    Nice post. I think one of the pitfalls for new website owners and people that DIY their search engine optimisation is to over optimise their website. In today’s Google world it is vital to appear natural in terms of your content and link building strategies. Sometimes I tend to deliberatly under optimise a website especially if a client has previously had other work done so as to make their site appear more natural. Over time I have found this generates an improvement in their search rankings.

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