To Begin SEO or To Not Begin SEO; That is the Question!


SEO in HoustonBusiness owners from all over have shown an increasing interest in the marketing techniques that make up SEO. Along with this curiosity, there has been an influx of questions from these professionals circling around what SEO in Houston is exactly and how they can formulate the right recipe of SEO for their individual company. Inevitably the question “to SEO or to not SEO” arises. Continue reading to help definitively answer this question!

SEO Explained

SEO is a method of analyzing and building relevant individual web pages in combination with the entire sites, so that they may become more attractive to visitors and more easily read and indexed by search engines’ spiders. SEO will bring great benefits to a website by increasing its exposure on results pages when common keywords having to do with the website’s content are searched for, resulting in an increase in overall traffic to the website.

In addition, SEO in Houston will enable a website to be visible to potential customers who are looking for similar products or services to those offered on the website. In other words, it will increase the web presence of the site and get it a high rank on search engines results pages (SERPs). As it appears high on SERPs for searchers, it also increases the possibility of repeat visits that will help increase any bottom line.

What to Avoid

There are methods that will increase the volume of traffic coming to a website effectively but just for a short while and it will fail very quickly. These kinds of methods should always be avoided. Examples of some SEO methods that are most commonly referred to as black-hat SEO that should be avoided are cloaking, hidden links or hidden text, and doorway pages.

When search engines figure out that a website uses these less than honest methods for optimizing purposes, they will surely ban and entirely will not index the site. So don’t let a website fall for these alluring tactics, but instead to protect a site’s relevancy and visibility on search engines, use only ethical and proven methods of SEO.

High SERP Rank

A business owner may want to challenge their own website by searching for it on the web. Try keywords that searchers would use that will possibly include the website in the SERPs. Is the site listed on those particular SERPs? How high or low is it listed? Remember how these search engines work. Being on SERPs means getting more essential hits and the higher a website is ranked on search engines, the greater the possibility for more leads and hits which in turn means increasing a businesses profit from the web.

Every business owner would like a larger volume of traffic to come across their website every day, but the question of how to accomplish this task can sometimes leave them without an answer. That’s when SEO in Houston comes in to the picture. SEO can help businesses reach higher on SERPs and gain more exposure on the web. When asking themselves, “to SEO or to not SEO,” the answer should always be to go for it!

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  1. I have started SEO recently, and I am wondering why my site still does not show up on SERPs. Is it possible that my site has been banned?

    • Unless you have used unethical practices in your SEO plan, then there is no reason your site has been banned. If you aren’t experiencing any results, you probably aren’t pointing links back to your site from other websites using specific keywords. If you have questions about this topic, research it further or call an experienced SEO professional.

  2. I have started SEO recently, and I am wondering why my site still does not show up on SERPs. Is it possible that my site has been banned?

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