SEO Quicktip – Keyword Rich Content


Follow Chris’s Rules of Thumb for Keyword Rich Content, and you’ll find your rankings rising on the search engines.

Content is what I call Spider Food. Google and all major search engines have software called spiders that search the Internet by going from link to link and then stores the pages in a database. I call content Spider Food because just like a plant, the more you feed it the bigger it will get. It’s the same thing with search engine spiders. The more you feed them, the higher your will be placed eventually in the rankings.

Chris’s Rules of Thumb for Keyword Rich Content

  1. Add your keywords to your Title and all Headings such as H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5.
  2. Add keywords at least once per paragraph, on EVERY page in your site.
  3. Keywords can also be keywords such as “Small Business Web Design.
  4. Add 5 paragraphs per page with no more than three sentences per paragraph.
  5. Be sure to add keywords to your image alt tags and link titles.
  6. Add keywords to Links such as this – Small Business Web Design and not Web Unlimited. Make sure you do this for incoming links to your site as well.
  7. Add keywords and descriptions in meta tags on each page.
  8. Add keywords to Bold and Italics to add emphasis.

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