The Seo Jury On Bing Hasn’t Spoken Yet!



In terms of web searches, Google is the most famous and most widely utilized browser. It is thought of as the irrefutable king of “online searching.” It does not have shopping features like Yahoo!; however, it has images, maps, documents, calendars and has exceptional elements for finding images, geographic directions, and news headlines. Another alternative in the browser world is Bing, which has created a dent by acquiring thirty percent of the search engine market. Although it does not have the capacity to dethrone Yahoo at this moment, in terms of online queries it is unquestionably a good competitor and can be a very useful tool for Houston search engine optimization services in the development of a website.


Microsoft’s attempt to dethrone Google by using Bing is slowly starting to show progress by gaining some of the market share. Current statistical data shows it is developing more rapidly than other browsers, which can be quite advantageous for small businesses. When optimizing a website, Bing should be included because it is widely used for online shopping and an ideal browser for gathering leads, traffic, and increasing conversions.

When optimizing websites, Houston search engine optimization developers need to design them to suit Bing’s algorithm, which is unique and slightly different from Google and Yahoo. This is shown by comparing the results of two similar search terms.


Bing is more intuitive and simplistic when compared to Google and Yahoo. Surfers can use it more often to check on advertisements and promotional items. While the future cannot be predicted, there should be an attempt to optimize a page to rank well with Bing. Following are some good strategies for achieving that.

  • Articles – Write quality articles for humans, not web bots. The length should be more than 300 words as the algorithm will give higher relevance to well-written content longer than 300 words.
  • Title Tags – Design title tags for each page. Optimizing keywords for title tags can help achieve higher index and rank.
  • Inbound Links – Build relevant inbound links. Bing is more page-based than site-based; this means that more importance is placed on the relevancy of the incoming page link rather than the site from which it comes. Page to page must be related, not website to page. If the topics are similar, the targeted landing page gets a boost.
  • Meta Tags – It is very important to create unique Meta description tags on each page.
  • Keywords – Integrate highly analyzed and well-selected keywords in the URL strings.
  • Domain Age – Page authority seems to matter and one tactic for establishing this is to place importance on domain age.

When it comes to online visibility, Bing is another option for internet marketing, although most web pages are optimized for Google or Yahoo with little emphasis on Bing. It is hopeful that Bing will be in close competition with Google for online traffic. So Houston search engine optimization experts should use Bing to help a company be successful in overall business operations. So the truth is that no major consensus has yet been reached about Bing’s success – the jury is indeed still debating!

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