SEO Articles Can Be Written To Perfection


Austin_SEOOne of the best ways to optimize a website for search engines is to add content such as articles. Search engines like Google favor internet locations that deliver fresh, valuable content because that is what is desired by most web searchers. Google prides itself on pointing users to websites with the content that is as close as possible to what a reader desires, although adding content alone is not enough nowadays. The algorithm used by search engines is becoming more complex and smart, being able to distinguish if content is relevant – or not. For a real Houston SEO competitive edge, information must be written to perfection.

Perfect Article Qualities

So what are the established attributes that search engines continually want in website content?

  • Word Count – The first criteria of a good article is the word count of the written material. Ideally, the count should be 300 to 600 words which has been found to be a tolerable amount that will most likely be read. A word count of less than 300 means that there is minimal information being provided and probably not worth the effort to read it – and is also a prime attribute of spam material. Any significant topic can easily meet such a minimum count, so anything less means that a writer has only made a minimal effort. On the other hand, a word count greater than 600 will take too long to read for average users who will most likely stop reading halfway through the article and click away to another selection.
  • Relevance – The next important element is relevance. A website can post content about any topic; however, that in itself is no guarantee that it will help a website gain higher ranking. In order for an article to work as an SEO asset, it agree with and support the overall purpose of the website. For example, if a website is all about electric guitars, then its content must also deal with various topics related to electric guitar, such as maintenance, parts, styles, and brands. It could also include information about music in general; both the website topic and content must go hand in hand. Articles about selecting roofing material would be complete out of place.
  • Keywords – The next element of a perfect article is keyword usage, which are words or phrases that are used in the content to help rank that article and website with the search engines. In order for a keyword to be beneficial, it must be related and high quality; it must have a high search rate and low competition. The Google keyword tool is a great way to find quality keywords relevant to the topic of the article that fit naturally in the content without sounding odd and out of place. Keyword density, or the usage of a keyword in relation to the length of the content, should be about 1 to 3% of the total word count to avoid being considered as too much or overused. Strategic placement throughout the content is also import, the ideal placement being in the title, the introduction, the body, and at the conclusion.

In summary, having articles alone doesn’t guarantee improvement with search engine optimization. For it to be perfect, it has to meet certain criteria such as proper word count, relevance, and strategic use of keywords. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the various qualities that constitute a well-planned and well-written website SEO article!

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  1. I’ve noticed your blog comes out with a new article everyday. Is that many articles necessary or what does google accept as a good amount of content?

    • The more relevant and original content you have the better. Just keep in mind what your willing to spend time on or maybe set a budget for an SEO company to do for you.

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