The Secret to a Successful SEO Campaign


First, sorry it’s been a while since the last post. My wife and I just had a baby girl, Emma Nichole Hunter, so as you might imagine, I’ve been a little busy. BUT, things are still moving quite nicely on the SEO front.  Plus despite the fact that Google has gone through several MAJOR algorithm changes in the past six months, NONE of our clients have been affected. In fact they’ve done nothing but increase and dominate. But that’s for another post.

Online web pages designed and marketed for the sale of goods or services are the primary businesses of Houston SEO services. These search engine optimization companies provide tools and ideas to the site owners that help them take their web pages to the top of the search engines ranking system. Being first can attract the eye of many potential customers and clients.

The secrets to a successful SEO campaign can either be learned the hard way, or it can be gained by employing a company that has already learned the tricks, and tips, and the skills how to put those tricks and tips to use.

Proper Use of Keywords

The most important factor in search engine marketing is the proper use of keywords. The keywords chosen and how often they are used will make the ultimate decision in where you are ranked by the search engines. That sounds simple, but choosing the correct keywords to draw the attention of the public is not an easy task. If you choose the wrong keyword, or your keyword density is wrong, then you are wasting your valued resources on dead ends.

Length of Page Matters

The length of your page is also a big consideration. When Bing first decided to launch their search engine, they went on record saying that they do not like long pages that are several thousand words long. They went so far as to say they would demote pages that were really long like that. The optimum page length appears to be 250 to 350 words. It see=ms to work best written in paragraphs. There are some reasons and statistics behind this number.

Do Stop Words Count?

40% or even 50% of what is written is actually stop word. Stop words are made up of one, two and three characters like the words a, is, as, and so on. These words are so commonly used that some search engines do not even count them as words. Now remove all the stop words that have been included in your article and you will have approximately 125 to 170 words left. Out of the words that are left in your article the nouns are the best ones.

What’s Left?

In most cases the search engine has maybe 105 words left to evaluate. There is a high chance the search engine will be able to figure out the basic content of the article. More words won’t help that much and if you put in fewer words you would have a less of a chance of the search engine understanding your meaning.

Secrets to a Successful SEO Campaign

So the secrets to a really successful search engine optimization campaign is to have good keywords that have plenty of searches, that are relevant to your service or product, that will get good rankings and be attainable relatively easily, that do not have a lower alternative cost in PPC, and that convert well.

You also need to have a page length that the search engines can read and evaluate the content without being lost in non relevant content. This is a time when even most avid DIYs will employ the services of someone like a Houston SEO services company.

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