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The main purpose of a website is to provide information. When internet users search for information, they are directed to web pages that hopefully have the desired content. The pages that show up highest in the search results generally get the most hits. How does this happen? It happens by using the best web design in College StationTexas to directs attention to that link leaving other equally relevant pages undiscovered. By knowing relevant content and helping website visitors find it, page views increase as does the website’s relevancy.

Related Content – How Does It Help?

Related content is material that deals with topics of similar content. The web design experts know the importance of related content and how to use it properly to increase page views both for an individual page and the entire website. Good, related content helps keep visitors on the site longer, at least so long as they know the material is there. Pages with related content improve optimization by: drawing more traffic in general, providing additional pages with keywords to rank in SERP’s, and being a better source for requested information.

Related Content – Attracting Viewers

The problem with pages of related content is that it is sometimes difficult to be seen; effective College Station web design finds a solution to this problem in a very simple way. By appropriately linking pages of similar content together, both the original and the linked, relevant page benefit from more views.

There are a few ways a good web design company to do this for the greatest advantage and best visibility:

  • Link with Relevant Keywords – By using a keyword from the linked page within the content of the originating page, readers are easily directed to the additional pages to find more information.

  • Front-Load Links – By linking relevant copy with words or phrases that immediately precede a page’s actual keywords, readers are more likely to click and see what else they can learn.

  • Specific “More Info” Links – Along with linking within the content itself, it is useful to mention at the end of an article or other content that readers can find out more about a related topic through a specific link.

  • Menus Linking Related Pages – Whenever possible, add links to relevant content via the navigational menu that is visible when a visitor is viewing a page,.

  • Visible and Connected Relevant Links – Be sure that any linked, related pages are easy to find by making the links clear and easy to spot, not hidden by page graphics or other design elements or separated from the main related content by advertising, images or videos. These links must remain with related content or it will likely not be seen as a part of the content and passed over.

The process of getting related content to be viewed is fairly easy, at least when its purpose is clearly understood. Those who deliver the best web design in College Station TX understand the value of finding appropriate ways to link relevant content to both increase page traffic and improve page visibility. When multiple pages are linked together, and a website provides more than one way for viewers to reach all pages, the entire website will benefit!

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