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Website design is constantly evolving. To keep up with both visual and functional trends, you must occasionally invest in a site redesign executed by skilled website design services. Before a redesign can begin, your website design company must first have the right plan in place to get the site up and running. The launch of a new site will be much smoother when your project follows a documented plan of action by using a comprehensive checklist to make sure all bases are covered.

1. Identify Website Goals

Whether you start with a blank slate or move forward from an existing website design, site goals must be identified because they dictate the rest of the process. Common goals of business websites include increasing brand awareness, generating new leads, and increasing product sales. Identifying all goals gives the project the essential direction it needs so that rebuilding the site will be functional and efficient.

2. Identify the Stakeholders

Stakeholders are the people who interact with your website and want their specific needs met. Internal stakeholders within your organization have specific business needs while external stakeholders, like customers, have other needs. To further identify site goals and provide the right functions, you need to identify these individuals and what is required to meet their needs.

3. Determine the Budget

You must next determine the available capital to spend on website design services. The budget should include research on how to increase revenue and prioritize marketing spending. It is also important to factor in the cost of working with a skilled website design company. They may charge more than another service yet provide better results.

4. Consider the Time Frame

Complex website design projects can take months or even years to complete, while simpler redesigns can be launched in a fraction of this time. Determine the project time frame and what must be accomplished in this amount of time. Then create a plan and schedule so the project can be completed in that span. For example, a more complex project can be implemented gradually after the initial launch of a basic rework.

5. Identify Minimum Requirements

Once time frame and budget are set, determine what redesign work must be done to launch. Website design services will often identify the essential elements and function required to serve site users and base revisions on this. Launching a simpler version of a complex site that can gradually be expanded to full function is a great way to get a replacement site launched quickly rather than waiting for the entire project to be finished.

6. Create the Visual Design

Most redesign projects done by a skilled website design company involve changes in the aesthetics of the site. Develop the right look and layout by carefully researching users, considering brand awareness as well as identification, and determining how to communicate the brand’s message with the first look. Develop a visual appearance that looks good and communicates well with users.

7. Develop an Implementation Plan

With time frame, budget, and goals in mind, develop a plan to effectively implement all necessary changes. Begin with a schedule to implement the minimum viable redesign. Next, set a schedule to handle continuous improvements that keep evolving along with website design trends and technology. When viewed as a continuous process rather than one with an actual ending, you can avoid the need for costly, time-consuming redesigns in the future.

Like other website design services, a site redesign is something that must be carefully planned to achieve the best results. Plan your project with a website design company that uses an effective process to make sure the launch of your updated site is successful and effective in achieving its goals!

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