Professional Web Design – What Does That Mean To My Business?


As a business owner trying to compete in today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever before that you have a website built by a professional web design company.

You may think that you can design your site yourself; however, all the research suggests otherwise.

Businesses with poorly made sites don’t do as well as those as a site with a professional web design.

Consider these important reasons why you need a site designed by a professional web design service for your business.

1. First Impressions Mean Everything

Users who click onto your website form an opinion about your business in literally half a second.

In that short amount of time, bad design can turn potential customers away and send them to your competitors.

Studies indicate that many users will even stop using a site if it’s unattractive, let alone poorly developed so it does not serve their needs.

For the positive first impression alone to keep users on your site, it’s essential that your website is built by a professional web design company.

2. A Professional Web Design Builds Credibility

In addition to that positive first impression, a site created by professional web design services also builds essential credibility for your business.

74% of polled users say that they question a company’s credibility based on the first impression they form when clicking on.

Nearly 50% of users have questioned a company’s credibility and chosen not to do business with them because of a poorly designed website.

3. A Well-Researched, User-Friendly Design Means More Sales

A professional web design is one that is developed to achieve certain goals that will grow your business.

To do it, designers must take your audience into account and develop a site that is specifically user-friendly for them.

With good knowledge of your audience and using methods and elements such as a mobile-friendly design to help your site serve them better, professional designers play a key role in increasing your sales.

In contrast, you could lose sales if your website is not user-friendly enough.

4. Websites Need Constant Maintenance and Updating

Many business owners have the idea that a website is something that is produced once and then left to sit there while the customers come in.

Truthfully, a well-made, professional web design requires continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure it continues to serve your customers and achieve your goals.

Websites must also be updated as internet technology changes to keep up with design and function trends as well as continue to stay user-friendly.

Skilled, knowledgeable designers are the best ones to handle these changes as they are needed and keep your site functioning effectively.

5. Professional Web Design Services Pay for Themselves

One of the biggest misnomers that many small business owners have about professional web design services is that they can’t afford it.

In reality, the difference that a professional site can make in your company’s competitiveness is significant.

Investing in a professionally built website has lasting benefits that, over time, will bring you more business by being functional and building brand recognition and credibility.

They pay for themselves while your business grows.

Ready to Talk to A Professional Designer About Your Business Website?

The benefits of having a professionally designed website far outweigh any perceived savings you could gain if you tried to do it on your own.

Attract more customers and gain more sales with a site created by a professional web design company.

Your competitiveness and the success of your business depends on it!

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