Pay Attention – Be Mobile-Friendly Or Be Penalized On 4/21/15!


April is usually known as Tax Time and for April Fool’s Day; however, there is another highly important event happening this April that is definitely not a joke. Google plans to start rolling out new search algorithms on April 21 that are designed to do more than just reward websites that are mobile-friendly – they are going to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. Yes, I did say penalize! That is why Web Unlimited, your best web design company in College Station Texas, is trying to get the word out to everyone that:

This Is Serious!

Of the many things that Google has done, this change could make Panda and Penguin look like friendly animals in comparison!

What Does This Mean For My Website?

Considering the fact that over fifty percent of web traffic is now accessed from mobile devices – and growing even more so every day – Google is now taking steps to not just reward websites that provide the best user mobile experience; they are going to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly! Friends, this is big news!

In their push to provide the best search responses of any search engine, this is just one more step Google is taking to make their search engine as user-friendly as possible – and non-mobile websites just don’t fit. Because so many websites have not converted to a responsive or mobile-friendly website design, with this change Google is forcing it to happen. For all you website owners who have not paid attention to past warnings that this was coming or have been resistant to making such changes – you will be left behind and most likely lose any competitive edge you may have had in the search engine results pages!

You Better Prepare Now for Mobile Usage D-Day!

Website owners who have not become mobile-compliant have a few remaining weeks to prepare and be ready for the roll out that will start on April 21st. The best way to do this is to know just how mobile-ready your website is and you need help, call the best web design company in College Station Texas – Web Unlimited – to make the necessary changes.

Google has provided a mobile-ready test tool to see if your website is already labeled as mobile-friendly in the SERPs, which Google started doing a few months ago. There are also various reports in the Google Webmaster’s toolkit to help determine if a website is mobile-fit. Websites that do not perform well in this preliminary testing and reporting require web design attention as soon as possible to get updated and recognized by web spiders as being mobile-friendly.


Additionally, Google has communicated that website apps will also be widely recognized for indexing along with mobile-friendly websites. This indicates it may be time to consider a mobile app as well.

Google never provides a road map ahead of time when changes are upcoming. That they have done it with this upcoming major change on April 21 is a major flag to website designers that this change will have a major impact – let me repeat, major impact – on website ranking. Every website wants to be located in the search engines, so don’t let this date catch you unaware. In College Station, the best web design company Web Unlimited is prepared to help you become mobile-friendly and remain high in the search engine ranking pages. Ignore this message – and no one will ever find you easily on the internet!

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