Paid Inclusion and Pay Per Click – Similar or Different?


Houston_SEO_ServicesThere’s another process of Houston SEO optimization that involves payment for certain internet marketing strategies that include: paid inclusion and pay per click (PPC). The conventional optimization concept involves attracting visitors and converting them to customers. Learn more about these three methods and decide which one will suit best any company’s need.


There are different elements that can be used for organic optimization. This includes providing good structure, title tags, alt tags, meta tags, contents and links. With properly optimized pages, crawlers can easily find and index a website, thereby meeting the goal to get highly ranked on results pages to attract more visitors who will find that such organic results have relevant content.

The whole process of conventional SEO involves perseverance, good practices, creativity, and patience in drawing more traffic to a website: perseverance in optimizing is all part of a site’s life span process; good strategies or practices assures that pages are included and indexed by crawlers; creativity with relevance in order to provide visitors and users quality content in an attractive way to match searches; and patience to see such efforts bring the desired results.


On the other hand, there are also methods offered by search engines to guarantee that a website will be included on results pages. These two are known as paid inclusion and pay per click.

  • Paid Inclusion – Also known as sponsored listings, this Houston SEO method is offered by major search engines such as Google where fees are paid by businesses to be included in the results pages. A client will be provided with a fee structure that covers an annual subscription for the pages or website to be included on a regular basis. The fee may also include a per-page and per-click fee, depending on the offered packages. Sometimes the line between this particular method and PPC is not that clear, although there is no control over the content listing or rankings with paid inclusion. So pages which are always modified and dynamically generated will get the crawlers attention and get indexed.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – This method uses specific keywords or phrases that show up in the listings when searched. A price to pay for each click by visitors is selected, ranging from 10 cents to $50 or more for each click. There is also an option to select a package that will display the listings on any partner sites as well as major and other minor search engines. Every time a searcher enters a keyword or phrase, the link to paid advertisers will be displayed in a designated area of the results page which allows advertisers to control page listings and rankings.

Paid inclusion and pay-per-click are two methods that involve an investment to get displayed on results pages. The difference between the two is not very major as both offer listing on certain results pages for a fee. It is true that they do serve a certain purpose for some companies as part of an SEO campaign; however, many searchers find these links less relevant in terms of information and other searchers avoid them completely because it is a paid ranking, not an earned one. Most knowledgeable Houston SEO companies recommend conventional and organic ways to optimize a website as this method is proven to be effective and a less expensive way to gain high rankings!

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  1. If this is a less expensive way to do SEO, should I consider switching to just a PPC campaign rather than organic SEO?

    • That’s a really great question! PPC and Paid Inclusion can be really beneficial, but if you stop payment, then your ranks drop. These options are really good when you need to get ranked quickly, like for something seasonal. It’s still a good idea to keep up with your organic SEO and keep your ranks up so if you stop your PPC and paid inclusion you’re still at the top!

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