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Houston_Web_DesignConvincing prospective customers and visitors to stay longer on a website is not always easy. The process requires a Texas web design firm to create a page with a good mix of all the essential elements – ideas, images, fonts, colors, and more; behind most well-designed websites is a mood or inspiration board. This is a very effective tool used to visualize the concepts of a company before being committed to a final website design. It is important to understand how such a tool can easily organize website design ideas.


Using a mood board is often not done simply not knowing the many advantages it offers in the creation of a website. Following are some of the benefits to expect when utilizing such a tool.

  • Saves Time – Getting and presenting clear ideas of what is wanted by a client – and what can be accomplished by a designer – that is achieved at the beginning of a project through the use of a mood board will indeed save much design time. Using mood boards offers a good visual guide to a client as well as a clear grasp of what must be done to obtain the best results.
  • Promotes Participation – The participation of a website owner is key to the success of a project. When designers use this tool, clients can be assured that consideration is being given to their opinion and desires for the website. This can be very helpful to the designers as well, since this tool allows for sifting through the rationale behind what a client’s request.
  • Eliminates Frustration – Keeping revisions to a minimum allows developers to spend more time on other important tasks. Rechecking and revising issues that arise due to accurate communications can be disappointing; however, having an established theme from the very beginning for the entire website can lessen frustrations.


Understanding a client’s business personality and work style in advance along with the use of a mood board allows a Texas web design firm to choose a style perfectly suited to the project. Following are some essential elements to consider in formulating an effective composition.

  • Layout – Be sure to have an appropriate design on the home page to convey a client’s business attitude. This idea is also applicable for subsequent pages, wireframes and color scale. Do not overdo the layout by adding too much information.
  • Color Schemes – Use the color most preferred by the customer. Although a designer may have the best idea, it is best to present a few color schemes to the customer so the scheme that best reflects a client’s concept of the website can be chosen.
  • Inspirational Statements – These statements are composed of a few words or short notes to excite and invigorate visitors. They should always be reasonable and able to be incorporated with other elements.
  • Texture – This component should bring consistency to the outcome of the website. It can be a real texture or hand drawn, whichever is preferred; it should compliment the website theme.
  • Images – Photography and still images may take up a great part of the mood board; ideas and almost anything else can be portrayed. Still images provide customers with a good choice of themes as well.

Mood boards help to organize ideas. By using this tool, along with the services of a reputable Texas web design firm, businesses should have a good perspective on the outcome of a website project and be able to develop the best internet marketing strategy to push a company high in search results listings!

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  1. This is a great idea! I am wanting a new site and I think I’ll start with a mood board first, thanks for the information!

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