An Optimized Landing Page Will Boost Conversions!


Houston_Web_DesignersStudies show that most internet users give a web page only a few seconds to get their attention before leaving the site in search of something better. Therefore, Houston web designers put a lot of effort into optimizing the landing page, which is the part of a website a user first sees upon arrival. Adjusting all the elements of this page is crucial to retaining the interest of visitors; by optimizing design and content in accordance to analyzed data, conversion rates can be greatly increased.


The first step in optimizing a landing page begins with careful analysis of incoming traffic. By knowing user demographics, minute adjustments can be made to tailor a website for interested visitors. Statistics must be reviewed regularly to develop a better awareness of the user base and platform on which the business is built.


Once demographics are known, adjustments can be made to design and content to optimize the landing pages. Naturally, a website should cater to the majority of its user base, although smaller demographics can also be respected and cultivated to expand into the future. Expert Houston web designers are able to solve such a dilemma by creating dynamic landing pages that change depending on which “triggers” are activated by the visitor. Triggers can be set up to display different variations of material depending on which keyword was used to find the site, thereby creating a more personalized experience for visitors.

Mobile Users

A large demographic that is often neglected by design firms is the mobile user base. With the rapidly growing usage of mobile telephones, tablets and other hand-held devices, it is important to take such users into account when designing an internet presence. Ignoring this trend could result in significant losses, as mobile users are generally unforgiving. Up to forty percent of visitors who have a bad browsing experience on mobile units turn directly to a competitor and are unlikely to give the offensive website a second chance.

The incorporation of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is becoming an industry standard, ensuring that the layout of a website is automatically adjustable for smaller screens. Landing pages optimized for mobile phones should be smaller, preferably around 20kb and be designed for the fingertips instead of a mouse and keyboard. This means creating large target areas with clearly distinguishable buttons and minimizing the use of forms.

Regular testing and a demographics analysis is mandatory for the maintenance of an effective landing page. By making regular, small adjustments to content and analyzing traffic statistics, fluctuating trends can be monitored and websites kept relevant. It is important to gratify as many visitors as possible; satisfying mobile demographic requires some special measures involving file size reduction and optimized layout for smaller screens. Houston web designers are experts in providing these services and can help companies develop a better understanding of the importance of landing page optimization to boost conversions!

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