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The more users that go mobile, the more important it is that mobile design work properly. One of the biggest reasons why a website loses viewers on mobile apps is because it is too slow, causing people to leave the site and search for a more user-friendly or faster website or app. Website speed affects so many things that it must be recognized as a main concern that College Station Texas web design must address in order to achieve website goals. Detailed below are a few ways to ensure that mobile web design is optimized for good SEO and for fast, pleasing performance.

Responsive Design Is Essential

Responsive web design is now a basic requirement, one that is especially important when designing a mobile-friendly website. It is simplistic, adjustable, and does away with the heavy code that slowed website performance, making it ideal for mobile use. Only a few years ago, many questioned if it was worth the effort to change to a responsive web design. It has since become one of the most important developments in designing a website – most specifically for mobile use.

Exchange Clutter For Color

In the interest of increasing load speed, reducing the amount of code an indexer must sift through and mobile devices must display has become a primary concern. Responsive design creates a substantially lighter-in-code page than conventional web design, although there are other ways that can be done. Color, when used as a design element and not just as an accent, can reduce the need for buttons, tabs, or other design elements by indicating areas of attention, guiding viewers though a layout, or highlighting links. Basically, if it can be done with color rather than code, the end result is a faster mobile website.

Simple Elegance

Style is important to a good design; however, it does not always require extensive, fancy elements that increase code. Elegance can be achieved with a good, responsive web design and skillful use of minimal colors, fonts, and images. Responsive design itself is cleaner and less artificial, so using a font or two that portray the right impression yet keeps content simple and straightforward is a great approach.

Use Only What Is Necessary

Different web design elements can load a mobile site with things that slow it down more than serve any essential purpose. When designing for faster web performance, leave off anything that is not required, or find a better way to provide that information. Images definitely have their place, even on mobile websites; however, they must be correctly handled. Avoid image overuse – reduce pixel size and compress them and avoid video if possible. Process all code through a cleaner to ensure that it is as light and functional as possible without unnecessary code that serves no purpose.

While these are only a few of the ways web designers can improve mobile website loading speed, they are significant. These basic mobile web design mistakes are prominently-recognized issues that slow down a mobile website. A web designer can improve mobile load rates and achieve a more efficient web design by putting these suggestions into use!

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