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Responsive design has become an essential factor in web design, with the increasing use of mobile devices. In creating an efficient, usable responsive web design, developers must also consider logo design, as that must carry to all parts of the design. Most importantly, a brand logo must be easily recognized in all sizes, or the logo fails to fulfill its duty of providing essential brand recognition. Therefore, responsive web design requires a simplistic approach to brand logos.

Logo Complexity and Responsive Design

There was a time when detailed, complicated logos were popular and preferred. When logo and page design revolved around print media and evolving website design, intricate logos were useable and interesting. As the internet has advanced along with technology and viewing devices, website and logo design have changed as well. Screen size and resolution directly affect the clarity of logo design, meaning designers must redesign to fit current web design standards. Now that web design has become responsive, there is a further need to simplify logo design to be responsive as well.

Keeping Logos Simple

Responsive design is simplistic in order to be responsive. To create such logos, there are two basic needs:

  1. Understand the principles of responsive web design
  2. Keep logo design simple in order to scale well.

Yet simplicity involves more that just using limited colors and text. It involves understanding the ways that screen size affects how something is viewed and how text and other elements change as they get smaller. It requires careful typeface and color selection as well as understanding that certain fonts do not reduce as well as others and that too many colors can become a distraction at very small sizes.

Putting Responsive Logo Design to Use

Responsive design is a sort of “one-design-fits-all-sizes” solution to multiple and shrink screen sizes. To use a logo responsively, the web design should be simplistic and scalable and exist in multiple versions for a variety of uses. An example of this would be the way that Google uses its entire, colorful word as its main logo as well as the multicolored “G” for apps and other uses that appear on smaller screens. The importance is to create a recognizable brand identity that can go from desktop to mobile device while retaining both clarity and familiarity, then use different versions as needed.

It is important that responsive web design take responsive logo design into account. Creating a responsive logo that can be scaled without losing its character requires simplistic logo design. By using the right colors, shapes, and typefaces, and maybe creating more than one version of a logo, brands can maintain their identity, even in responsive web design and be useful on various screen sizes!

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