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Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmMany think that establishing an online presence only requires creating a website. While this was true when the internet first came into existence, it no longer applies now. There are so many new websites popping up daily, it would be very difficult to locate one without knowing its complete address and especially if it is not included in the search engine’s results pages or SERP’s. It is vital that a website is able to be found, which is why a Texas web design firm recommends using search engine optimization or SEO to organically gain ranking on the SERP’s .

Search Engines and SEO

Google, Yahoo, and Bing play an important role when searching for internet content. With millions of sites and thousands added daily, it would be impossible to have a phone book able to index everything and keep it updated. For that reason, search engines help users locate sites among the millions that could match a query.

Search engines provide users with a list of websites containing topics being searched by indexing regularly. Web spiders regularly crawl web pages and index them according to relevance. Once indexed, a site will be listed on the search results pages so whenever a user queries for a particular topic, a link to that website will appear on the results pages to allow users to find and access the website.

How SEO Helps

The spiders used for indexing have limited capability, needing help in indexing pages according to proper relevance, which is where search optimization is beneficial. Texas web design SEO helps make individual web pages easy for the crawlers to index.

An important element of SEO are keywords, a single word or phrase that is used to query the search engines to locate a corresponding topic. Keywords are important because search engines index based on the those word within a page’s contents. When found, that keyword on a page will appear on the search results pages.

How to Implement SEO

There are several ways to implement SEO on a particular website. Here are some of the most common SEO strategies and their influence on the SERP’s.

  • Content – In the internet world, content is always king because search engines value content so much and indexing is based on content. If a website has good content with competitive keywords, it is likely to appear on various search engine results, maybe even at the top of the SERP’s.
  • Content Marketing – This refers to adding content to popular websites and receiving back links when an article is posted to another website. Whenever search engines see that quality traffic is coming to a website, that site is indexed higher than it would normally take without such implementation.

Getting search engines to notice a website depends a great deal on SEO. When SEO is used, it becomes much easier to rise up in the SERP’s and gain a share of the traffic. So be sure to help the search engines find a website through the use of organic SEO and gather a good share of the market in any particular area!

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