Learning About HTML Logical and Inline Tags!


SEO in HoustonThe need to design an appealing, easy-to-use and informative website is something that is important to most businesses. Firms that specialize in SEO in Houston are plentiful, so it can be difficult to find the best one to meet company needs. The key to finding the right one is to choose an established, reputable firm offering all necessary services including website construction, hosting, SEO, and website maintenance.

Not a lot of attention is always paid to the technicalities involved in web design; however, it is important to have at least a basic idea of some of its key aspects, one of which is using HTML which is easily recognizable by search engines. Learning about HTML logical and physical inline tags may sound complicated when it is not that difficult to understand and is the building basis for a great website.


A good designer should have extensive knowledge about how to make best use of HTML tags when building a website. Tags are ways in which content is described or formatted and are very important for search engine optimization. Professional developers who use SEO in Houston use these tags properly to improve a website’s design.


Obviously, following are some of the most simple examples to provide a better understanding of the concept of, and the difference between, logical inline and physical inline tags.

  • Logical – Logical inline tags are used to send a message to browsers regarding the meaning of any words enclosed in the tag; there are different types of logical tags. One of the most common is <em>, which is used to emphasize the content enclosed. Another popular logical tag is <strong>, which is used to tell browsers that the content should be given importance.
  • Physical – Physical inline tags have to do with the format of the text; therefore, any content enclosed will be shown in a specific way according to given instructions. For example, <b> will make the text bold, while <big> is used so that content is shown in a bigger font. Another example is <i>, which is used to make the text in italic format.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The choice between which tags are the best ones to use will ultimately depend on experience and proficiency in building and designing a good website. Companies that specialize in search engine optimization have competent and experienced developers who know what types of tags are the most suitable and effective for each individual web page.

Customers see the end results before a website goes live and has the opportunity to review the site and discuss any changes to be made; this is why it is so important to understand about HTML and logical and physical inline tags. SEO in Houston developers then make any changes to the website to meet a client’s expectations. Proper usage and understanding of HTML logical and physical inline tags will allow a website to attract many visitors and hopefully create many sales for a company!

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