Learn What To Do When Losing Website Traffic


Houston_SEO_ServicesTraffic is essential for online business success; without visitors sales are not generated, return on investment is delayed, and money is not earned. In fact, this is the greatest roadblock to successfully establish any online business. On the other hand, there are multiple creative options to overcome and avoid this type of condition by using an Austin TX SEO company for internet marketing strategies as outlined below.

  • Wait and Do Nothing – This is a passive method to gain traffic. A website that lost traffic due to changes in search engine algorithms will rise and improve in time. This method is risky because of the possible outcome of not knowing how long to wait for visitors to increase – or potentially decrease.
  • Redesign – This option can be harmful because it could destroy ranking, visibility, exposure, and the number of visitors. There is also no guarantee that it will increase the amount of traffic anyhow. If there is no other choice, a redesign could be vital in keeping pace with the rapidly-changing online arena. It could improve the framework, boost speed and efficiency, and content and navigation could be improved. All in all, it could help draw in more visitors willing to purchase a product or service.
  • Transfer and Redirect – Another option is to transfer the contents to a new domain, shut down the old one, and 301 redirect old links to the current site. Search engine spiders will crawl to this rerouting, notice that the content has been transferred, and move to the new domain and begins indexing again.
  • Keep The Old – Make a New One – This tactic when done by an Austin TX SEO company is less harmful as it clearly connects the old and new websites, with the old one making the new one visible. Older websites have viewers who read updates and recommendations which will provide a linking opportunity from the older site to the newer one to grow traffic rapidly. The old can be used to promote, sell and attract visitors to new site which is a good tactic that can stimulate a rapid traffic growth.


Listed below are some way to rapidly increase dying online traffic that are easily implemented.

  • Writing fresh and relevant content
  • Blogging and guest posting
  • Social media
  • Discussions and forums
  • Posting video on YouTube
  • Pay-Per-Click

Increasing website traffic is a crucial part of online success that provides a great opportunity to acquire click-throughs, out perform rivals, increase rankings, widen brand exposure and visibility, generate sales, and make money. One common problem is not knowing how to increase website traffic and losing potential visitors. Hopefully, the above options can help improve website traffic for almost any company. It is imperative to examine which one works best for a company and focus on that choice until the desired traffic is obtained!

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