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Austin_Website_DesignToday every business is expected to have a website; companies have much to gain from expanding online services. Setting up an online base is not, in itself, a guarantee of attracting more customers. Austin website design experts say that each page must be carefully optimized to drive traffic towards it and convert visitors into customers; getting to know intended visitors is only the first step along the way. Once the targeted user base has been determined, there are several strategies that can be used to attract visitors to the website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key element of modern web building and should be the main point of interest for businesses wanting to drive traffic toward their website. The term refers to the different components of a page that collectively help increase its ranking in search engines. Effective SEO involves adjusting the anatomy of every page to incorporate relevant keywords into the content, title, meta data and image alt text. Search engines also determine the rank of a page by analyzing how much traffic it attracts and how often it is updated. For this reason, it is important to update the site regularly with fresh content and to make effective use of backlinks which are links to a page hosted on other websites.

Social Media

Another way to attract visitors is by using social media and local promotion. Social networking sites can provide free, “viral” advertising by users sharing links. Companies that provide offline services and are somewhat geographically restricted, such as plumbers, carpenters and landscaping firms, may benefit from adopting the name of the city or community in which based into any keywords. Major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo offer a local search feature which allows companies to register websites to appear higher in the local results for relevant keywords. Other forms of promotion include advertising with trade organizations; online notice boards such as Craigslist; and in local business directories.

Customer Conversion

It is important keep the attention of visitors to a website and convert them into a customer. First impressions are very important and will how a potential customer views the information on a page. Austin website design firms provide professional-looking websites that are easy to navigate, well-organized, and visually appealing. Pages cluttered with links appears confusing and discourages a viewer from further browsing. Content on a page should establish the credibility of a business and encourage customers to want to purchase a product or service. Good copy engages a reader by capturing attention, intriguing interest, providing necessary details, and ending with a call for action to convince a visitor to become a paying customer.

Companies that take the time to research and understand existing and potential customers can optimize the contents of a website to both suit existing clients and attract new ones. By learning the nuts and bolts of SEO and local promotion, any company can increase page rank and make users more likely to visit that website. Effective sales copy will help convert visitors into customers by instilling confidence and encourage their business with a call to action. By enlisting the services of Austin website design professionals, companies can easily set up websites that will indeed increase their business!

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  1. Why is it important that I do all of these things? I have a site and I do some on social media, and my business does a pretty good job.

    • That’s great that you have a site and are doing social, and that your business is doing well. If you combine all of these factors, though, you should start seeing even more conversions!

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