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Today’s online users have come to expect a level of interactivity from second-generation websites that Texas_Web_Desisu_Firmmake up the modern internet. By creating an interface with a clean, accessible design that is easy to navigate, a Texas web design firm can lay the foundation for a successful website; however, some require additional features to help maintain interest.

To determine which features will appeal to a target audience and increase conversion rates, companies should investigate the available options and compare each one to the intended purpose of the website.


The level of interactivity of each page component determines, to some extent, how long a visitor is willing to spend time on a page. Interactivity encourages users to try new things and take chances; it helps build a subconscious relationship with a company. The opposite approach is to present information in a straightforward and completely static manner, which may be distasteful to a viewer in certain targeted audiences.

Depending on the purpose of a website and the nature of the business, some features may be more appropriate than others. For small or local enterprises, simple additions such as an interactive Google map module could be very helpful to viewers. It can also serve a confidence-building function, as users could drag and re-size the map to help chart a route, something a static image map or text address could not achieve.


Providing fresh and regularly updated content is a key strategy to improving search engine rankings; a Texas web design firm could provide a business with both basic and more advanced methods to achieve such a goal. With a company blog or news feed, a channel of steadily growing content could be created to allow new visitors to be attracted while keeping regular users coming back.

Allowing visitors to leave comments and other user-created content further increases a website’s interactivity which helps build a steady user base. It also helps build trust, as visitors are able to leave feedback about new items and updates, which in turn allows a company to make changes to adapt to fluctuating trends.

Social Media

Setting up a blog is a first step to branch out into the social media sphere, where link sharing and comment trading can create free, “viral” advertising for a website. Another online social feature that is gaining popularity is the use of social bookmarking, where users build and organize lists of favorite content to be shared with others. By implementing shortcuts for bookmarking on a website, social trends can be encouraged and traffic attracted.

Interactive web features are useful tools to attract new visitors to a website and improve conversion rates. Visitors who can interact with page components and leave feedback in the form of user-created content and surveys will develop a sense of trust with the company. By making full use of the social media sphere, a Texas web design firm can set in motion a self-perpetuating trend of off-site link sharing which will help attract new visitors to the targeted website!

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  1. I do most of what this article says, but why is content important? I have a blog but I haven’t published anything on it in months.

    • Content is important for your visitors and for SEO. If you have a blog you should try to post pretty frequently, if you simply don’t have the time, try at least once or twice a week. When search engines see that your site is staying fresh your ranks will be better!

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