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The conception of an information superhighway and the linking of global computer networks could not have been envisioned by a Houston SEO firm when the World Wide Web was formed. It opened a doorway to an idea of systematically arranging and organizing millions of established websites.

As time went on, new search engines were developed as well as many websites wanting to gain online prominence. Web developers had to learn how to build websites to prevent losing visitors and online traffic which would greatly impact online marketing for any company. From this need emerged the concept of website and web page optimization.

This article will recount the chronological history of search engines, the role of spiders, and the interesting history of website optimization.

Search Engines

Before the giant search engine Google was born, several other ones were conceived. The first one was created in 1993 and named ‘excite’. It was an academic project created to analyze statistical data about word relationships used to boost the relevance of search terms. That was followed by Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, and Infoseek in 1994.

During the spring of 1995, AltaVista was developed and the powerful spider named “scooter” to crawl, store, and rapidly index millions of pages was created. In the first quarter of 1996, Inktomi was established followed by Ask in 1997.

In the year 1998, the multinational, dominant, and infamous Google was founded by two PhD students who developed a robot named ‘backrub’ which was given the task of inspecting a number of quality inbound links for site relevancy. MSN and Overture also launched in the same year with AllTheWeb on the following year.

Spiders and Search Results

Basically, a search engine is a helpful tool that collects data from various websites. The collection of data such as keywords, phrases, URL’s, inbound links, and codes of an entire site are downloaded, stored, and indexed in a data base for retrieval for Houston SEO purposes when searchers want certain information.

A type of computer program called a spider or crawler was created to handle the immense information retrieval tasks needed by search engines. In 1993, the first spider called ‘wanderer’ came into life. Its initial function was to count active servers; it was later upgraded to make a copy of the actual URL’s and the name was eventually changed to Wandex. The development of these crawlers led to the concept of ways to design a website for proper crawling and indexing.

Page Optimization

When users enter a keyword or phrase to pull up certain data stored in the server, an algorithm immediately checks all stored information in the repository and retrieves it by displaying links that corresponds to search words. The history of page optimization probably began right after the birth of search engines and computer spiders that gathered data, recorded links, analyzed content, checked relevant keywords, downloaded anchor text, and indexed all that information.

From that point began a rapid internet advancement and evolution, with e-commerce and internet marketing coming into the picture. When it was discovered that traffic volume was influenced by visibility and ranking of certain websites, many online marketers found value in creating and promoting a website through optimization.

Search engine optimization offers many advantages to website design and creation. It is a very effective tool to improve an online business in the global internet arena, so it is important to learn about search engine fundamentals and their interesting history.

Tracing the history of website optimization is very useful and an indispensable way to provide understanding about the influence of dynamic technological innovations to gain market shares on the internet. History provides a better understanding about the impact of Houston SEO to optimize a website for online visibility and fulfill the purpose of increasing traffic to generate more revenue and profits for a company!

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