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Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmThere is a lot more to consider in website creation than simply coming up with a name, content and a few images. Even beyond the scope of search engine optimization, how a site looks is usually enough to either make it or break it. More specifically, fonts and color have a huge influence on a visitor’s perception of a website, something that an experienced Texas web design firm can help with by offering suggestions on design. As much as fancy bells and whistles may look good, most do not perform well and should be avoided.

In particular, fonts are one of the more important parts of presentation where inexperienced designers get lost. The ability to read and understand a message is essential for any website to function and the wrong typefaces can become a big mistake. To avoid this problem, here are a few font rules that should be followed.


While Times and Arial may appear boring and overused, this is because they are web-safe fonts used globally by all browsers. Use of these particular fonts just about guarantee against font display problems; however, they are less creative or stylish. Although a common reason for usage in the past, all of that is changing. A Texas web design firm can include code in the design that instructs browsers to search a specific url for typeface details, allowing the use of more specialized and decorative fonts without any display problem concerns.


Font size is affected by computer resolution. Text size has generally been dictated by pixel or point within a site’s coding. There are now many different monitor resolutions available, leaving room for display error and shifting of contents. Using percentages from one-hundred percent is actually the best idea for site design since the size of a font relative to everything else on a page will stay the same. The font might change in size but its percentage of size will remain the same. This is important in allowing for a large enough size to be found that will make reading easy and comfortable for the majority of readers in respect to tracking and kerning. In order for typeface to be optimally readable, proportion and surrounding space working together on a specific page with a specific layout and look comes into play.


It is usually recommended that typeface use be kept to a minimum, especially decorative ones. A basic website should have a: main body font such as san-serif or another smooth, clean face for reading ease; main header font to show emphasis; and perhaps one other that is slightly different and more decorative. Without this, a website can go from being readable to just plain confusing, which can increase the bounce rate and decrease repeat visits. If any more decorative fonts are used, it would be important to either blend together with the entire style or contrast just enough to look exciting and fresh.

The basics of good website design with the proper use of fonts is always going to revolve around readability. Typefaces that are clean, prominent and display correctly on a web page are what any Texas web design firm should use for the creation of a good website, with careful use of fancier typefaces to add a creative edge being possible. Too much content crammed onto a page as well as broken pages caused by the use of unsupported fonts is any website’s downfall. Choose the best fonts and a website will always perform well!

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    • That’s a great question. “Kid” fonts are popular on sites director at children or child care, but in terms of search engines and your visitors, it should really be Ariel or Times. To make it more kid friendly, I’d suggest adding some graphics or using a kid friendly template!

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