Too Many Keywords can Lead to Trouble!


Austin_SEOKeywords or key phrases are an essential element to effective Austin SEO. One of the things that search engines look at when indexing a website is its content. By inserting the right keywords in the contents, the search engines can index as has been carefully planned.

Despite being such an asset, keywords are like a double-edged sword. Used in the correct amount, they can help a website get properly indexed; used excessively, they can also cause its demise.


Using these words excessively is referred to as “keyword stuffing” which is sometimes used as a tactic to get websites indexed. The idea is to get a single page indexed for every one of these words or phrases that are present on it. If this is successful, the page will then be ranked for each one which means it will come up in the search results more often and ultimately draw more visitors to the site.


While being ranked for using enough of these words or phrases may seem a great thing, and very tempting, there are two problems that may arise when this is implemented. First, using keywords excessively will detrimentally affect the readability of the content. Imagine reading a newspaper when suddenly a completely unrelated phrase is in the text.

The second problem is that this SEO effort misleads the search engines. Over stuffing a page with keywords that are completely unrelated to the content could cause the browsers to index the page on a very different topic than what the content actually discusses. This will ultimately lead to poor web browsing experiences. Imagine the frustration when searching the internet about a certain topic and finding sites that have nothing to do with what is wanted.

Avoiding Stuffing

Since excessive key phrases are not good for a website, that should be avoided. So what draws the line between the acceptable limit and over stuffing? It all boils down to number and relevance.

Ideally, for a page to be properly indexed the keyword should not go below eight percent or exceed twelve percent of the overall content. This way the search engines will still be able to index a web page without compromising the quality of the content.

Hidden Text

It is also important not to fall into a variation of stuffing called hidden text. Some Austin SEO is used that is not visible to the human eye but can be seen by the search engines. This is made possible by using very small fonts or using colors to match the background. Although it does not reduce the content quality, it still confuses search engines and leads to poor results.

Follow Guidelines

Instead of resorting to shady tactics, a better approach is to use key phrases according to the guidelines set forth by the search engines and choose ones that have a high search volume while at the same time having low competition.

In conclusion, keywords are a vital Austin SEO component for a website to be properly indexed by the search engines. It is important to utilize keywords according to the guidelines so there is no risk of being penalized by the browsers. Don’t let excessive use lead to website problems!

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    • Use a keyword tool like Google’s, and see what’s being searched on your site. From there you can find some and focus your SEO efforts on those.

  1. Thank you for this article. I wish I had known this before I started. Any idea how long it takes for Google to remove its penalties and properly index the website? That would be geat to know 🙂


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