It’s 2012 – Hop on the New Web Design Bandwagon!


Houston Web DesignersMany businesses are now seeking the services of professional people such as Houston web designers to create a high-quality website that is aesthetically eye-catching, informative and user-friendly which needs hard work and professionalism. It is important to stay current with all the new trends, as new advancements are common. Many companies have begun to realize the importance of keeping a website current, so hopefully the following information will be helpful when deciding what changes need to be incorporated to keep visitors coming back again and again.


One of the most popular trends is to make navigation easier. This often means putting most material on the home page so a user does not have to go to other pages to find needed information. Such an effort calls for an effective layout to avoid the appearance of too much text on one page.

A responsive layout is another prevalent trend in navigation. This can be done with responsive page elements such as the use of fly-out menus or drop-down boxes that appear when a mouse hovers over a certain area. This reduces the number of clicks and makes navigation smoother so users are more inclined to browse through a website.


Importance is also being placed on images; in particular, large images at the top of a home page are considered to be effective in creating a visual impact on a visitor. Big vector art, such as the use of a company mascot that takes up a substantial part of the site, is also quite trendy. Large logos and headers that are supported by bold and capitalized typeface to complement the design are becoming popular as well, as the size has an apparent impact. All of this must be done in a proper fashion so as to not appear unprofessional.

This can be done through the use of different perspectives to make images more realistic. Interactive designs are another great way to make a page more effective. Other innovative trends include introduction boxes and magazine-style layouts. Houston web designers use these techniques to make a page more dynamic and appealing.

Important information such as newly released products can be highlighted through the use of banners or graphics in the shape of ribbons. This has been done more this year because it is simple and eye-catching.

Mobile Devices

With the increased use of smart phones and tablets, work has been done to create websites that are compatible for using such devices. Mobile web design has become an inherent part of a website since most clients want a site to be easily accessible in this manner.

Many companies are realizing that it is time to jump on the new web design bandwagon with so many interesting techniques and trends that have become very popular in this field. Trusting expert Houston web designers is the best way to be sure that a website is current, appealing, and most of all effective!

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