Is Your Website Turning Away Smart Phone Users?


Texas Web Design FirmThe latest challenger to a Texas web design firm is the ever-increasing demand from clients for a website that is compatible with all different screen sizes so that it is viewable on different devices, easy for visitors to use, and competitive in the global internet market. Learning the approaches on keeping up with necessary changes to accommodate smart phone users will help with any SEO campaign.

Responsive Web Design

Screen resolution, layout structure, and content are the three main elements that challenge the process of changing a website to accommodate smart phone users. All of these challenges can be handled by a web design firm in Texas with responsive website design, a new approach used to keep up with emerging device platforms and screen sizes. It includes components that allow all web pages to be displayed on any type of screen size, eliminating any usability issues as a website automatically shifts according to each device that is used. It eliminates the need to have a different website designed for each and every screen size.

  • Flexible Screen Resolution – Mobile, hand-held devices have varying screen resolutions, orientations and definitions. New products are announced every day with different specifications and screen sizes, which can make web design all the more complicated as all of these devices handle different website formats in individual unique ways. In order to have one design that will fit each of these varying situations requires a flexible layout, one that will automatically adjust from the large display of a desktop monitor to a smart phone screen. This can be achieved through the use of smart mark-up, fluid grids, and fluid images so that layouts adjust automatically and users the possible display on the device being used.
  • Efficient Layout Structure – Different size changes require adjustment to the overall layout which can be done using different tools such as CSS media query or javascript. Using such tools can make the transition less troublesome for a web design firm in Texas since the style is retained and features can be easily moved around and the page background and topography set in no time. In fact, the new style sheet can redefine the layout, and any former default settings can be easily transferred. Overall, this process can be very efficient as the program can detect whether the style sheet layout is too tall, short, wide or narrow.
  • Successful Content Handling – There is a difference between necessary content and dispensable content that can be hidden if a screen size gets too small. It is not always possible to fit every piece of content on smaller screens, so content must be sorted into two classifications. Responsive website design addresses such an issue by selecting relevant content and using rows or lists instead of having multiple columns; this is successful because it is easier for smart phone users who prefer to scroll up and down rather than side to side. Likewise, CSS media query or javascript allows content to be selected that can be shown or hidden from one display size to another.

It is wonderful to live in a time where technology is always evolving; even when that technology is a little harder to handle, such changes should be embraced nonetheless. Thanks to such revolutionizing web design concepts, the transition process is efficient and convenient. Creating a company website and online marketing strategy requires expertise from a Texas web design firm to meet the needs of each and every user!

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