Is Your Website Logo Still Memorable – or Forgettable?


A great logo is one of the more important parts of every website design, your total business identity that a company needs to stay relevant and recognizable.

Creating a memorable logo is a key website design strategy that can help any business achieve its marketing goals and grow its customer base through exposure and recognition.

Although some logos might be timeless, most are not; after a while as the business progresses, focus changes, and web design trends change, logos can become outdated and forgettable instead of memorable.

Is your company logo still memorable or do you need to sit down with a website design service and create a new, fresh, and timeless logo for your business?

How Do You Know You Need A New Logo?

Unless you’ve somehow hit a home run out of the logo ballpark and yours still fits all the qualities of a memorable logo, if it’s been a while the chances are good that your website design could benefit from a new logo.

Some of the telltale signs that it’s time to hire a web design service to create a new logo include:

  • It was made on outdated software and there are no current files or only jpg files.
  • If your business has gone through changes of focus or identity.
  • It is overly intricate and not versatile in how it can be used.
  • It is not inspiring or doesn’t fit your company’s current identity.

Complex Versus Simple Logo Design

A great logo that really represents your company online and helps build its presence is one that’s simple and easy to recognize.

Based on colors, shapes, and fonts as well as other factors like evoking emotions and looking different from other current designs, a well-crafted yet simple logo created by a skilled website design service can be extremely memorable, more so than a more intricate, complex one.

It’s wrong to assume a better logo is a complex one; actually, the simpler a logo is while still being recognizable, the more memorable it will be.

Making Your Logo Memorable

The goal of every website design strategy is to be memorable in all aspects, including the logo.

In striving to create a memorable logo, there needs to be a careful balance of simplicity and detail that makes it recognizable to your audience.

The logo cannot be overly simple as it will be forgettable unless the design is so unique that it stands out because of its simplicity.

Conversely, something that’s overly complex and not readable, recognizable, or understandable in spite of all the detail is also forgettable.

When must-include details do make the design a bit more complex, adding in highly recognizable elements can balance it out.

Also keep in mind that while a solid logo may be simpler, one single solid color might affect how memorable the logo actually is.

Used skillfully, color can turn a simple design into a highly recognizable one; however, color can make a logo with complex details even more difficult to view, making it unrecognizable.

Essentially, more is not always better but neither is less; success involves finding a perfect balance of all elements.

Update Forgotten Logos!

As your business evolves over the years, it’s good design strategy to periodically evaluate your online presence and see what updating and refreshing is needed.

Determine whether important elements like your website design and company logo are still in line with current design trends ;and representative of the company.

Logo design in particular should be revisited with a website design service if it shows signs of being outdated, overly complex, non-representative; update to one that’s fresh, simple, and memorable!

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