Is Your Small Business SEO Adequate?


SEO in HoustonWebsites must have SEO – period. Gone are the days of building and launching a website, then waiting for Google to find and rank it. A small business must have leverage over the competition, making it vital to have some sort of SEO in Houston effort in order to establish a website’s presence in the global internet market.

Unfortunately, not all small business owners understand SEO or feel it is too costly to do. So the website is not effectively indexed by the search engines, leading to less web traffic and a lower conversion rate. To avoid such disastrous results, here are some effective ways to implement SEO in small business applications.

Easy-to-Rank Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of optimization; so any SEO in Houston should start from there. Before implementing a strategy, it is necessary to determine which keywords are the best ones for a business and website, with the best scenario being to target low competition keywords.

Low competition keywords have many searches per month and few competitors also trying to rank for the same key word or phrase. Too much competition can make it hard to rank a website. Search engine results pages or SERP’s can only display so many results; when competition is high, it can be very difficult to earn the spotlight.

The Google keyword tool helps find low competition keywords to implement on and off a website with various SEO strategies. Be sure that any choice is relevant to the topic and of interest to readers.

Diversified Content

Content is what attracts search engines and interested web users, so be sure to deliver appealing, quality content regularly. Pages are ranked individually, so more content per page allows for increased keywords to be used and more chances to rank well on the search engine results pages.

Submit content to popular sites that link back to the website such as Ezine that are used to find content for websites and blogs. This is an effective way to bring in traffic, especially with a new website. Include images and video as well and place keywords in headings and descriptions to optimize for search engines.

Optimized Website

Website design has a lot to do with SEO; one that is poorly optimized in its design would find it hard to get good ranking. If it ever did rank, it would be difficult for it to stay at a high position. Keep a website well optimized by eliminating dead internal and external links.

Use keywords in headings, the URL, Meta tags, and image descriptions,. Keep the keyword density appropriate to have the site properly indexed according to its relevance. Optimize the site for human visitors as well by providing easy to use navigation and a site map.

SEO in Houston is a valuable strategy to implement on any business website to ensure increased exposure to search engines, increased organic traffic, and increased revenue. So be sure that any small business website provides helpful information and doesn’t fall into the trap of being totally inadequate!

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  1. Thanks for the helpful information, I can use it with my small business. One question: if my website is just for local business, do I need to submit articles to some directory for good SEO?

    • Thanks for the question Paula. If your SEO effort is truly only local, it would be better to concentrate on postings to your website and not worry about article directories. My experience has shown onsite posting for local SEO efforts is much more effective. Good luck with your website!

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