Is Loading Speed Important To My Website Success?


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If there is one thing that any web design must offer to promote website success, it is fast loading speed. Although you may think this cannot possibly matter so much, every website design company will tell you that load speed is critical. Slow loading affects every part of your website because it prevents users from even opening it.

When choosing affordable web design services, always work with a company that understands the importance of fast loading speed and knows how to design your site to give you just that.

Why Page Load Speed Matters

Load time matters because users like you hate to wait. After clicking on a website link, you expect nearly instantaneous results. Every second longer a web design takes to load increases the likelihood that you will click off and search elsewhere. Research done on website load times indicate that a one-second load is ideal and anything beyond that increases user frustration.

While you may be used to waiting a few seconds for websites to load, anything beyond two or three seconds greatly reduces your attention span with each passing second. The end result of a slow load time is higher bouncebacks and your never making it to any website content.

Load Speed Affects SEO

Slow load speeds also hinder website success in another, more significant way. Site loading speed is one of many ranking factors that Google’s search algorithms use to determine pagerank. The reason for this and something every website design company must understand is that pagerank is awarded based on website value along with other factors.

A site that does not load fast enough, which generates bouncebacks and reduced traffic is not valuable to viewers who will not stay on the page. In turn, the web design issues that are causing slow loading push viewers away who find the site and prevent more users from finding it due to the affects on SEO.

What Can Affect Load Speed?

When you decide to contract website production with affordable web design services, it is important to work with a company that knows what can affect load speed. Some of the more common issues that may slow websites down are large image sizes and image carousels, slow host servers, and various design elements. Unnecessary function that weighs down code is another cause, as well as heavy and outdated coding that does not reflect recent, more streamlined coding.

If your current web design is slow or you have decided to contract with an affordable website design company to build a new site, it is important for all parties to work together to achieve necessary function without weighing down the site. This is where experienced affordable web design services can really make a difference and help you the customer achieve website success. Fast loading pages that result from clean and effective design will always provide the best results!

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