Is It Time For That Fall SEO Website Cleaning?


Houston Search Engine OptimizationJust like spring and fall closet and drawer cleaning to weed out the unworn and bring in the upcoming season’s attire, spring and fall are great times to make a website uncluttered. Since website performance and optimization is affected by things such as bad links, sloppy code, and poor content, it is a great time to do a semi-annual tidying to eliminate any problems. What does something like this do for search engine optimization efforts? Here are a few ways to be sure any essential areas that tend to collect internet ‘dirt’ are cleaned.

  • Update – Tired of pop-ups reminding about a new version of some software? Update all used applications now! Websites run best using the most recent version of software and plugins, so check for available updates to applications being used and update any not already done. Include applications for social media, invoicing, media players, and more – they all have updates as well.
  • Analyze – Using analytic software such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, run a full array of reports normally monitored, especially important ones like site and page errors, SEO and index error reports, and site speed reports. Error reports are the most significant and probably the lengthiest. As much it may seem like doing such work could be put off – don’t do it! Every error detected by analytics tools is one more that is affecting website efficiency.
  • Repair – The annoying truth of the matter is that site errors need to be fixed. Many will be simple such as dead links or URLs with typos; others may be quite important. SEO reports can point out errors such as pages missing header tags, nonworking links, and other such information. Troubleshooting site speed may show other types of problems that unknowingly exist. It may be tedious; however, it is necessary to fix page issues regularly. This will improve site speed and result in fewer problem pages on the website.
  • Review – Since it can be somewhat difficult to systematically review websites for SEO, content, and other aspects, adding this job to the twice-yearly cleaning can help make sure it actually happens. Be sure content is correct and complete; review upcoming content ideas to be sure of current relevancy. Discover the latest trends in SEO and coding; update any techniques or HTML to benefit the overall website.
  • Socialize – Check those important social media pages to be sure that they work, especially for any unknown issues. Be sure links from main websites to different social pages are not broken, out of place, or have been forgotten. Such problems should be corrected quickly, as this can potentially affect website traffic both to social sites and back to the corresponding website.

Even though websites only need minimal maintenance effort, reviewing all social pages a few times a year is important. Likewise, be sure that all business, website, and contact information is correct, all links to social pages from other websites still work correctly, and all web pages are functioning as planned. Check web pages from another browser to be sure they function well from a user’s point of view too.

It probably seems like a lot to go through twice a year; however, doing so can keep any website and its search engine optimization efforts functioning smoothly and reaching planned goals with very few concerns. A first fall or spring cleaning may take some time; however, maintenance from that point should be a lot easier – as long as the cleanings are done regularly. Don’t overlook this important spring and fall website tidying effort – and keep that website running like new!

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