Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Web Design World?


Today, one of the more significant technologies affecting the internet, including web design, is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Although AI technology is generally thought to be a positive addition for online marketing, it may be affecting web designers in a different way.

With more people turning to quick, DIY site builders that can generate sites in minutes using AI technology, web design companies warn that the results of AI in the design process is not all it’s cracked up to be.

The Basic Approach to All Web Design

Since the beginning of web design, it’s always been something that started with an idea and a need, then built using heavy, hand-typed code.

In the early days of web building, it was a long and drawn-out job for the designers who had to deal with miles of code to achieve even the simplest of effects.

Since then, coding has advanced and designers can do much more to produce beautiful, functional websites.

Still, everything is tailored for a specific purpose and need just as it always was.

Web designers research what a company does, what its website should do, and how it needs to do it in order to successfully serve site users.

Then all development and designing is built around that information.

AI and Quick Web Design Builders

With the advancement of AI and its inclusion as a technology in the very process of creating websites, many predictive DIY site builders cater to every need have popped up.

Developed to remove the middleman that is the web design company, these site builders promise a functional website that can be quickly generated by only plugging a minimal amount of business and required details into the program.

Supposedly, AI does the rest and generates a layout with just a few keystrokes that will rival one produced by professional web designers.

Sounds really easy and inexpensive, doesn’t it?

AI Versus Professional Web Designers

Unfortunately, the web designs generated by AI web builders tend to fall far short of their ability to function effectively for most businesses.

Why? Because they are not tailored enough to consider each company’s individual and specific needs.

They bypass all the essential groundwork and research that goes into first figuring out what type of site a business needs and second determining how to incorporate effective optimization and functionality into the site.

Even though quick builders promise results, most of the sites generated still need improvement by skilled designers *if* they are even editable by an outside party.

Many times, businesses find that they’ve wasted time and money on building their own site using AI website generators and end up with something that still resembles a template and does not work effectively for them.

The trouble is that many business owners have no idea that they could be getting better results with a professionally designed website.

AI May Be Changing Web Design in A Negative Way

Although AI technology is useful in certain professional web design tools to reduce repetitiveness and improve accuracy, its use in quick web builders playing the part of a web designer can have a profound negative effect.

A professional website developed and built by a web design company will definitely be more expensive than one generated using an AI quick builder and will also function more effectively as well.

A site developed for a specific need to be used by a researched audience will always bring in more business!

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