Inbound Links are Vital to A Website!


Houston_Web_DesignWhen creating a blog or website using search engine optimization (SEO) to attract the best page ranking, there are quite a few factors that come into play. Any Houston web design firm will agree that links play a very important role in a well-optimized page and are often more important than outgoing ones.


The purpose of inbound links is numerous, bringing new visitors which is great for SEO. Every new IP address that visits from another website is tallied by search engines when calculating page rank; however, one point to consider in trying to get such referrals is that a website needs to have something of value in order to refer readers to view and read. Usually, the number of referrals and more importantly the quality of websites from they come is directly relational to the quality of the information on a web page.

Google’s algorithm analyzes the quality of each connection in order to calculate page rank and knows if a link is from a spam site. This is the main flaw with paying to have links made to a page; many of them are not relevant. As search engines get more sophisticated, more of such “referrals” are being discovered, creating a negative effect on rank rather than a positive one. Exchanges can be used but should be done with caution, and only if the participating websites provide value from their own good content and ranking.

Proven Methods

Knowing this, a Houston web design company needs to use proven, honest methods to gain real incoming referrals for the most benefit. This should be done by having good content in the form of entries, video, downloads and other types of features that will be interesting to readers. A page should be correct in terms of grammar and spelling as well as look attractive. Making quality comments on other relevant blogs or forums and leave a link back to that web page can help to add more incoming visits.

Things to Avoid

Not everything is beneficial when attempting to increase quality inbound connections includes: not having an informative, attractive website filled with correct, fresh content; not managing incoming comments for spam; and buying incoming traffic from non-related sites that are of no value. While submitting articles and informational blog posts to article directories can be helpful in gaining quality incoming traffic, be sure the directory actually publishes a direct link to the originating website as it does no good at all to be directed to an article directory page rather than the original publishing website as that merely increases incoming traffic to the directory.

As with any other aspect of building good SEO, it takes planning and effort that will prove beneficial over a more extended period of time. Doing things correctly the first time will keep websites from being banned from search engines for link abuse and gradually build good traffic which Houston web design firms agree is the best way to get the most permanent, good quality incoming links. This will be noticeable in the type of sites that end up linking and the effect those links have on higher page rank. Inbound links are indeed vital to a website!

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