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Houston Web DesignThe purpose of any website is to communicate with viewers through articles, video streaming, images, and an impressive layout. All of this is done to achieve a strategic advantage and favorable outcome over any internet competition. A good Houston web design company can create a design so that a company can be successful in competing against online rivals. A successful website must possess certain basic elements, all of which have the capacity to entice spiders for proper indexing to help attract relevant traffic and eventually converting it into a sale. Following are some tips to help create an impressive layout that is appealing to potential customers.

  • Menu Placement – The placement of a menu should be done strategically for excellent presentation, typically at the top of every web page so visitors can immediately see all essential elements. Viewers tend to access a site’s information from the navigation menu positioned on the home page, with sub-level menus in a sliding panel that can be accessed by hovering the mouse. The menu should link to other pages and provide relevant information.

  • Simplicity – A common mistake in web design is being excessive with the layout. It is very tempting to want to include too much; however, the elements of any design should be kept simple. Too much information can confuse a visitor, and slow a page down, making it difficult to navigate and decreasing loading speed. Make the layout a professional Houston web design, with just the right amount of seasoning for the best result.

  • Typography – The proper typography is one of the foundations of a great layout and plays a vital role in its success. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the right typeface that is readable in order to express the content of the page. Avoid using a font size below 12 points and use different fonts sparingly to create hierarchy and tone without exaggeration.

  • Organization – Proper arrangement of information is one of the most vital decisions that can be made in the design of a website; how it is presented can have a substantial effect on a visitor’s experience with the website. Most viewers really have little knowledge about a website on a first visit, so all information must be systematically arranged so that its purpose can be quickly perceived.

An impressive layout is something that can linger in the minds of potential customers long after leaving a website. A Houston web design should have a layout with essential elements that will win the hearts of viewers making important buying decisions. Failure to portray the true meaning of a business through its online presence can be a fruitless effort. If the layout tips referenced above are followed, a website can become a remarkable one appealing to visitors and web spiders alike!

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  1. Thanks for the info – but shouldn’t great design and keeping it simple be equally important? Why is design not given more impact?

    • Good question – and the answer is also simple – lol. In this day of websites having to work on so many different devices – laptops, iphones, etc. – the simpler the design is, the more likely it is that the website will look the same on all devices. Hope this answers your questions!

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