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Houston_Web_DesignWeb design is a continuously evolving process. This due in part to: improved internet speeds; increased computer power; the variety of platforms used such as Smartphones, tablets, etc.; and the ever-increasing role of the internet in everyday life. In order to keep up with such advances and demands, Austin website design companies must continuously evolve in order to provide improved functionality, support, and great end user experience to clients. Following are some of the latest innovations that will soon be seen on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Adaptive Web Layout

Due to the emergence of various display platforms, namely tablets and Smartphones, Austin website design firms focus mainly on development that will have optimal display capabilities on various platforms. The limitations with older designs is that they were intended for desktop and laptop browsing only and are not adaptable to the newer platforms. Visitors using tablets and Smartphones with smaller display screens have a user problem browsing vertically and horizontally to view an entire page being visited.

With an adaptive layout, it is easier to view regardless of the device. An adaptive web layout is dynamic because it adjusts according to the platform on which it is viewed. So instead of having a static site which must be viewed vertically and horizontally, visitors can view the entire web page content by simply dragging their fingers vertically along the mobile device; the content will adjust to the device’s display orientation.

Fixed Navigation

One of the initial challenges for an internet visitor is navigating a page. While a sitemap may provide somewhat of a solution, not everyone knows about this concept and not everyone has the time to spend searching it to find what is desired. Most visitors encountering a similar problem will move on to the next site listed on the SERP’s.

Fixed navigation can help overcome this problem because the navigation bar, main links and logo are locked into position throughout the site. With this setup, visitors can easily go back to the home page or to a particular part of the page without having to figure out their exact location. In a sense, it is like having the task bar always available to navigate between programs on a computer.

Design Effects

Effects are an important element that help one site stand out from others. Thankfully, the use of CSS3 allows more freedom to use elements that are literally outside the box. Drop shadows and round corners are two elements made possible using CSS3 that used to require images to create such effects.

Flexible Menus

Since the development of tablets and Smartphones, sleek menu formats have been developed and this trend is also being adapted into web design. In order to get rid of so many menu options in a header or side navigation at one time, drop down menus and side-fly-out menus are used to nearly organize groups together to give a web page a clutter-free and sophisticated look.

These are just some of the Austin website design trends that are gaining in popularity. When choosing a design, always the outlook for such trends. Determine whether an effect can help improve user experience or if it may have a detrimental effect on website performance. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information on emerging web design trends to consider!

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