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Texas_Website_DesignerAn easily navigated, easy-to-find website is an important part of internet popularity and success. Being seen online can be difficult to achieve with so many pages to read; however, most Texas website designer companies know ways to make this happen. Complying with a few important ideas can improve probability that a website will rank higher in search engine results, which is an unrivaled way to get traffic. Top page rank is ‘prime real estate’ for such pages; how to attain such ranking is essential. There are many different strategies to follow to increase ranking and visibility, all of which revolve around a few core ideas that lay the foundation for good visibility and should be taken into consideration.

User-Friendly Sites

Proper design is invaluable; there is no benefit gained to get viewers to an internet page only to become confused or frustrated and click away. This can be avoided by: following a uniform design; using safe fonts; and using internet-preferred colors such as blues, greens and oranges.

Avoid crowding too much text on a page, ensure menus are easy to locate and use, and include a way to find anything within a click or two from the main page. Visible help links such as a Contact, FAQ’s/Help, and TOS pages should be easily located as well.


Social media and SEO have become buzz words for higher rank and maximum exposure. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what every page needs to further assist in reaching a good search ranking. This can be quite a detailed technology and does take some time to understand; hiring a design company could be well worth the cost. A professional can analyze all of this and be sure that a page is doing all it can to attract visitors.

In the simplest of terms, SEO works by a Texas website designer creating certain keywords to appear on both the main and individual pages. These keywords are ranked by Google at no cost for the number of searches for that particular word and can increase an entire website’s search rank. For those with the need and ambition to seriously compete for that #1 results spot for a specific term, SEO is a very in-depth skill well worth learning.

Social Media

It should be no great news that in today’s world, social media is the word-of-mouth publicity for the internet. The big benefit with this kind of advertising is that it is mostly free; however, for a page to be noticed in all the social media on the internet, it would be best to use the most popular social media outlets. There is an endless supply of sites which are classified as social media. Creating pages on the most widely used platforms is becoming standard for any business trying to gain an internet presence.

It is important to keep in mind that social media should not be spread too thin. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the most widely used social sites. There are others that could be considered depending on the targeted audience; however just a few of the popular ones should be selected and exclusively used. Social media is also a way to involve the public in main website offerings by using polls, special offers and bonus information, all of which can be mentioned on social pages and then linked to the website for participation. It not only encourages visitors to actually read the page once they are there but also increases site traffic to boost rankings.

As an added note, every business should know that when taking the time and trouble to ensure site visibility, a reputable host should be used that has very little down time and will still be around in the future. Changing web hosts undoes most of the effort put into raising one’s SEO and can send a website back down to the bottom of the results list – which is definitely not the best place to be.

There are endless tactics that can be employed to increase website visibility. No single method will work for everyone but understanding the importance of such details is a good starting point. Implementing more and different ways to increase visibility can be researched online or discussed with a Texas website designer to work in favor of increasing search efficiency!

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