Important SEO Advice About Using Social Media!


Austin_TX_SEOAnyone who is advertising a business on the internet and trying to be noticed has surely seen three infamous letters everywhere – SEO or Search Engine Optimization, three letters that are very important in creating website visibility. Without this, it would be very difficult to attract desired internet audiences. When putting effort into SEO, that work should include more than just keywords in page content and title tags. Austin TX SEO specialists point out that it is equally important to include social networking in order to get the best results from both any optimization strategy.

Social media has become fundamental to how the internet is used by most people. Businesses are embracing this by creating pages and profiles on the most prominent sites. The end goal still remains the same, to get viewers linking to the main website. Therefore, understanding how social media function and how to incorporate it into an SEO plan is critical.

Key Factor

The key factor about social media is that it is just that – social because people interact by forwarding and sharing links. So the goal for having a good presence in this area is to have content that the public values, not just specific keywords or phrases. Interesting, important and fun things spread like wildfire on popular sites and every time this happens, there is yet another chance to gain new followers and attract potential customers to the main website. The same way that page rank is the main goal of standard SEO, going viral is the main goal of this interpersonal communication.


The way this is done is with relevant, popular and meaningful content offered in ways that social media users have best responded to through interactive entries. Of course, Austin TX SEO experts would advise that fresh and current content is very important; however, a great way to get a name spread quickly and gain followers is to offer things such as coupons, polls, quizzes, special offers and anything “fun,” but still related to a company, its products, and its internet page. One method successfully used by many companies is to offer some type of giveaway or other item that can only be obtained by becoming a follower and then linking to the main website.

Interactive Sites

The biggest player in Social Media today is Facebook and many businesses are putting up Facebook pages; however, it is important to look for other places to interact as well. Being seen and shared on these sites is the equivalent to having good keywords. It all lends to more visibility through recognition, backlinks to media pages and more hits on the actual website via these other avenues. There are a number of very popular social pages with personal profiles, so a business should create one as well which should result in much more website traffic.

As for the website itself, be sure to provide a means for content to be shared back to the social pages. Many websites have “share” buttons coded onto the page; it not, that can be easily remedied by installing a “Share This” widget made specifically for such uses. Any way it is done, be sure to keep website and social profiles easy to share, keep the content fun and fresh, and never underestimate the power of social media in getting great Austin TX SEO!

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