Important Relationship Between Keyword Difficulty and SEO


Key words or key phrases are one of the vital components of a website. Without it, it would be impossibleHouston_SEO to implement SEO and rank competitively with the search engines. A random selection from Google’s keyword tool cannot guarantee success either, primarily because keyword quality varies depending upon different factors. Even when using one within a web page, Houston SEO ranking can still be difficult if the quality being used is low.

Factors Affecting Difficulty

There are three distinct ways to determine the quality of a keyword. Keep in mind that each one must work in tandem with the other, although each one is independently important to the overall SEO goal. When one of them is eliminated, the overall quality will be lower even if the other two elements are high.

  • Relevance – Relevance refers to the way in which a keyword is closely related to the overall theme of the particular internet location. For example, if a website talks about aquariums, then the best key phrase to use must also be related to that particular topic. This is important since it is used to locate topics within the internet; if a phrase is not used within the topic’s context, it would be misleading to web visitors and could very well result in high bounce rates. Search engines can determine if a keyword is suitable to the topic being discussed. If it discovered to not relate in any way to the topic, then that web page would not be indexed with that phrase or the level of significance may be set low resulting to low page ranking in the SERP’s.
  • Search Rate – The search rate refers to the number of location attempts that a website has in a day, week or month. This directly relates to the number of individuals using that particular keyword to look for internet locations containing that related topic. In an ideal situation, the higher the search rate is, the better the quality is of that location. This means that when a particular Houston SEO phrase is used on the page, there’s a good chance that it will appear in the SERP’s because a significant number of users have searched for it.
  • Competition – Relevance and search rate are good determinants of the quality of a keyword; however, another element that must be considered to complete the set of three is competition. This refers to the number of websites that are already indexed for that particular phrase. In this criterion, the figures must be low, indicating a fewer number of similar contenders. A lower competition number means that it would be easier to rank with that keyword since fewer other companies are trying to rank with that word or phrase and the search traffic would remain concentrated.

Using keywords for optimization on various web pages does not mean that there will be any ranking difficulty because not every keyword is created equal. Some fare better compared to others which is why it is important to carefully select the best ones to use. In order to overcome ranking difficulty and become successful in Houston SEO, the three basic factors of relevance, search rate, and competition must be carefully considered before proceeding any further with SEO efforts. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information on how to overcome keyword difficulty and its general relationship with SEO!

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    • You want a keyword that is highly searched because then you know people are actually looking for that word. If the competition is really high though, you may have trouble ranking it so make sure you really look into the keywords and find the right ones.

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