Important Considerations When Creating a Cool Website Design


computer graphic designerTo create a cool website design, there are several important things to consider. The website has to have a perfect balance between several important elements, which are:  appearance, functionality and usability.  Considering these elements, here are some principles you can implement to your website’s makeup to achieve a cool website design.


When people browse online, the very first thing they notice as they land on a website is its aesthetics or its appearance. For this reason, web designers often spend more effort on developing the website’s visual aspect and often end up overdoing it.  Appearance may be confused as being the primary element in cool website design, when that is just not the case.

One of the consequences of having too many graphics is to make a web page look cramped and confusing. Although images are effective visual tools, displaying dozens of them on a bad layout is a perfect invitation for disaster. Visitors might have a hard time finding what they are looking for or even to determine what the website is about. A good principle to follow when considering the appearance of a cool website design is to keep the layout and appearance neat and simple.


Another reason to keep the graphic content of your website neat and simple is that too many and/or complicated graphics can compromise the loading speed or functionality of each page. Although many people have the convenience of a DSL or cable connection, there are who don’t have the convenience of lightning speed internet just yet. A single page can take minutes to load if heavily loaded with images and visual effects. This can result in the loss of potential visitors and possibly sales if this is a business website.

Much of the functionality of cool website design lies in the hands of the web designer and programmer.  There are tools that they can utilize in form processing, content management and other such programs to make the performance of the website as interactive as possible.


One of the reasons why some websites don’t meet their full potential despite good appearance, content and product is because they lack an important element – usability.  Although visual appearance is certainly important to a cool website design; the website design also needs to be simple enough to navigate even for first-time users.

Creating a user-friendly website is all about the viewer’s ability to use the website tools that are being presented.  The layout is important and there are different website layouts for different website purposes. A layout for a commercial website is probably different from a personal website; and commercial and personal website layouts are different than an organization’s website. Designing the layout to be user-friendly relies a great deal on the ability of the web designer to make the site lead a visitor to the optimal ‘purchase’ page that functions easily and correctly.

One way of achieving a cool website design is to simplify the site’s usability with a navigation menu available on each page of the website. This keeps visitors from getting lost after leaving the main page. It can also increase browsing convenience since visitors won’t need to use the back button to a page with a menu.

The placement of the navigation menu is also very important to a cool website design. Most visitors look for the navigation menu to be located below the header or on the left panel of the page. Keeping the navigation menu at these locations can greatly improve the site’s usability.

If these three elements are fully utilized on a website, you will have created a good-looking, functional and usable website that integrates together into a cool website design.

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  1. hi ! thanks for this very useful information. It is really best that you plan ahead before making your own website. this is to maximize the importance and effect of your site.

    • Very true – they aren’t new — but sometimes we all need to go back to the “basics”. 🙂

      Actually, you’d be amazed at the amount of websites we come across that are still very unusable and appear very ugly in nature. Things like having the logo on the right or even worse, take up half of the first fold. The main thing is to steer people gently away from things like this and to produce a really great design.

  2. Hi,I am Medyum.Very nice sharing. Thank you… Good information and good way Good luck. thanks for this very useful information. It is really best that you plan ahead before making your own website.

  3. Usability should be the most important consideration in my opinion. There’s no point having even the most beautiful website if it is not at all usable and visitors are just going to leave the website after a couple of seconds.

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