The Impact of Keyword Choice to Website Success!


Houston_SEOKeywords or key phrases are a vital tool for search engine optimization. Although many different options are available, each one is not created equal in the sense that some are more effective at bringing traffic to a website than others. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose which Houston SEO keywords should be selected to effectively optimize a website.


Search engines such as Google and Yahoo direct internet users to searched-for items. By typing phrases into a search engine box, users can locate websites that contains the desired topic. Those strings of phrases typed into the browsers are known as keywords.

Search engines know which websites contain topics through the process of indexing. The search engines scan the internet regularly to index all available content. If a particular phrase appears in any content, then the search engine will index a website for that particular word or words.

Since search engines base indexing upon content, it is important that a website contain the appropriate Houston SEO key phrases to be properly indexed.


There are many tools designed to simplify the process of finding quality phrases. A good example of a free tool is Google’s keyword tool which can show possible phrases based on a single word or phrase that is related to a website’s content. By analyzing the way this works, it is possible to come up with the proper criteria to use on how to select the right keywords.

  • High Search Volume – The first criteria to consider is high search volume. This refers to the number of searches within a month. Basically, the idea is that as more people use the keyword in searches, the more traffic a website is getting.
  • Low Competition – The number of websites using particular keywords is another factor to consider. Assuming that a particular phrase has 100,000 monthly searches while at the same time there are 100,000 responses for that phrase, in theory each website could expect just one visitor, each month, assuming that each internet location gets an equal amount of visitors. This examples shows it would be better to find ones that are less competitive.
  • Topic Relativity – Since keywords are used by visitors to find content on the internet, the two should be directly related. For example, if the phrase is “buying truck parts,” then the content should also be about the different aspects of purchasing truck components and not about cleaning a truck.

Search engines use advanced algorithms for indexing, understanding that the phrase and the content must go hand-in-hand. If the two are not related, then the website will not be properly indexed.

Content creators for websites must use high search volume and low competition Houston SEO keywords to attract traffic. It is also important that the selected phrase relate to the content is used along with high-quality content in order to be effective and attract the most visitors to a website!

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  1. Howdy. Just wanted to ask what you can do if you’re niche key words are all competitive like me, I own a car dealership and in that market it’s very difficult finding a non competitive word. Thanks!

    • Thank you Tiger for your question. A lot of web site owners have this difficulty and seem to get stuck on making a dent in a competitive niche. Here’s a secret though, try to stay as local as possible and change the word order. Although “Houston grooming dog” may not make sense to us, it is great SEO wise. It uses all the words you want to use and because they might be in a some what awkward order it will most likely be less competitive than “Houston dog grooming”. Get creative and switch up your words and eventually you will find the dynamite combination that will get you ranked!

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