Can You Identify a Great Web Designer?


Austin_Website_DesignAn Austin website design can be created by either someone needing a website or a professional web designer. It is a tedious task that requires knowledge of various areas of online marketing which includes search engine optimization. Many online business owners opt to create their own website because it is perceived to be cost-effective. The cost would only be a few dollars per month for hosting and any changes could be done when needed – right?

Personally building a website rather than allowing a professional to do work may have more disadvantages than advantages. The only real advantage would be cost; the disadvantages could include: poor interactive capability; time wasted by an owner to do the work; questionable site credibility; non-guaranteed longevity; and most of all poor search engine ranking.

Letting an expert web designer create the website may be more beneficial and is a crucial part in the web design process because the person who creates the end product will completely determine the results, if any.

Here are some ways to judge the proficiency of any selected internet location creator:

  • Outstanding Portfolio – This is a basic requirement for any designer – an example of all completed work in this field. The lack of one could be a big red flag that there is little pride in a finished product. Also, if the displayed examples are not of a style to match what is wanted, move on to the next designer.
  • Current Products – A great web designer will not hesitate to show any finished ‘masterpieces’ currently running online. Such examples should confidently reflect the skills of that person.
  • Experience – There is no substitute for the knowledge that comes with years of experience. Working in the field for many years designing and websites teaches professionals how to cope with changing online marketing trends; an experienced person should have a vast knowledge of marketing strategy required to attract potential customers.
  • Ethics – Google, Yahoo! and other search engines value ethics more than anything else. An Austin website design optimized in an unethical way would be banned and penalized. Web designers should work in accordance with what is acceptable according to the rules set by search engines.
  • Feedback – It is important that positive feedback has been received from previous clients. This is an ideal way to determine if that product met a customer’s objectives. Ask previous clients about their ranking on search engine results pages and if traffic has truly been gained. For any current websites, check to see if they are user-friendly.
  • Online Marketing Knowledge – An exemplary Austin web design individual should have strong online marketing skills to attract potential customers. The success of an e-business is based on its ability to market products to targeted customers; without the proper use of internet marketing skills, a website will fail.
  • Reasonable Prices – Cost unfortunately does have to be considered when creating an internet presence. Prices will vary from one web designer to another; however, the price should be very or exactly close to any proposal. Pay close attention to any possible additional charges that may be added on top of a base price for extra work.
  • Customer Skills – Online marketing uses a lot of jargon and many professionals are not even familiar with that terminology. A great web designer is able to explain the provided services to customers and eliminate any confusion; strategies should be explained in easily understood terms without misleading a customer.
  • Usability – Customer experience should be taken into consideration when creating a website to prevent potential customers from losing interest and switching to a competitor. Enhancing usability for viewers and customers is a sure way to prevent them from leaving and vital in catering to the needs of potential customers.
  • Maintenance – A great web designer will offer to provide maintenance and updates whenever necessary as this will attract more customers and gain more traffic.

Thousands of web designers are scattered around the globe; nowadays, knowing how to select the best person to create a company’s website is a vital necessity. Someone who is going to present a company’s image on the internet to the world must possess professionalism, expertise, and knowledge to produce an Austin website design in an ethical way – these traits are how a great web designer is identified!

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  1. Great article! When I first started my business I went with a not so reputable company and ended up with a site I didn’t like. I should have done more research before hand, now I’ve learned my lesson!

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