Using HTML 5 for New Website Designs!


When creating a new website, a Texas website designer must be familiar with HTML, which is a mark-upTexas_Website_Designer computer language configured to create such pages. It is the building block and highly effective tool for use in the design process. HTML is continually modified and improved to meet ongoing demands of online surfers. The latest version is HTML 5 which has intensified components such as text, graphics, audio and video syntactical features without having to use third party plug-ins. This latest edition gives developers unique, efficient, smart and creative ways to produce fabulous web pages.

Updated Version

With the desire to advance web technologies to a newer level, HTML 5 is being adopted for use when developing websites. This latest breakthrough provides the versatility and flexibility to design more powerful applications and highly interactive pages. It also allows for designing faster and more rapid cross-browsing capacities for both internet and mobile devices. In addition, HTML 5 attempts to erase outdated Flash player through enhanced elements and new structures such as the section, nav, article, aside, figure, header, footer and address to name a few. It also support standard forms and introduces new elements such as canvas, video and audio using non-complicated tags.

Major Benefits

The benefits of this latest tool is its support of drawings, video, audio and state-of-the-art animation. A Texas website designer can easily produce applications that: rapidly stream video, high-quality animation and graphics; play mp3 music; and can be incorporated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites without the need of third-party applications due to improved functionality.

Other Advantages

 Aside from the advantages referenced above, there are other major advantages this tool can offer.

  • Enhanced Codec – This version uses structural features rather than conventional div tags to format and produce a style or page template. The old method was considered messy; so enhanced semantics was used to create a neater, better organized code.
  • Offline Application Cache – Another advantage when using this new mark-up language is that it allows surfers to go back to a previously opened page even if disconnected from the internet by accurately caching a page for future viewing even if the computer is offline.
  • Local Data Storage – For many years, cookies have been used to track users’ data, which has serious disadvantages, such as data being added to HTTP header creating a dragging response time. This latest HTML version decreases the cookie size by providing temporary storage on the client side. It is not permanent storage although it allows for semantic data to be briefly stored using SQL database.
  • Geo-location – Another advantage is a capacity to locate a user globally. This could be through the use of a GPS or other applications that are compatible with browsers that support HTML 5.

These are only a few highlights regarding the advantages of using HTML 5 to design websites as there is a lot more to learn about this latest edition. While this article provides some information, seeking the knowledge and advice of a Texas website designer can be very beneficial for creating new website designs!

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