How To Simply Use Color In Web Design!



Color is an essential element for every web design and can be skillfully used in many practical ways. Web design that utilizes the appropriate colors performs best, getting the message across easier. Color creates emotion and meaning, guides the eye, and performs many other important tasks in effective web design, which makes choosing the right colors very important. Choosing good colors may seem challenging; however, it can be simplified with a few easy selection tips, such as those referenced below.

Choose A Base Color

One of the most important colors for any web design is the base color, as the base color literally sets the tone for everything else. Base color should be one that corresponds with a company’s brand identity. All other colors in the color scheme must work with the base color to create unity and tie everything together.

Choice of base color involves determining what type of feeling or emotion the brand will portray and how the various shades of that color fit the purpose of the website. A fresh web design also avoids using stereotypical colors or shades, opting instead to go with something a little more innovative within the chosen color range. Avoid using the same colors that competitors are using for the whole color scheme, not just the base color.

Build A Color Scheme

After choosing the right base color, the next step is choosing a bolder accent color to use with it. Accent colors should be used sparingly in the form of Calls to Action or small items that need high visibility. The rest of the color scheme consisting of no more than four or five colors including the base and accent colors should be neutrals that work well with both the base and accent. Grays, and tints of gray, as well as the base color chosen from a color palette creator are a great place to start when trying to choose the best colors and shades for a single color scheme.   

Apply the Chosen Color Scheme

Creating a good color scheme to represent a brand is the main challenge when using color to create an effective web design. Applying chosen colors can also be challenging, although it is not as hard as it appears. Start with a mockup of the web design, then begin adding color until the right combination is found. The base color is essentially the main color or background; all others add to the base. The accent color is easy to designate, as it should be used only for Calls to Action and other text that really needs to stand out.

This leaves the remaining two or three colors for balancing body copy, headlines, and other text or areas that require different treatment to separate them from the body. Switch color positions to try different variations, then request feedback on which variations look and perform best. Sometimes just switching some colors around can make a web design easier to read, so do some site testing to gauge user results.

Using color effectively in web design does take some trial and error to get things right; however, it does not have to be a complicated process. Even though there are millions of possible colors and shades, choosing the right colors only requires following these few tips and a little experimentation. With an appropriate color scheme to help a web design portray its message, website proficiency will go up – guaranteed!

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