How to Release the Power of a Great Landing Page!


Texas Web DesignThe first thing that that is seen on a website is the landing page – and it can make or break that website’s appeal. Trends come and go – from splashy and Flash-y to standard with less graphics and more information. Well, it’s changing again – why do you ask? Because as web designs are reinvented thanks to more studies on what really attracts a viewer’s attention, the landing page is definitely going to adjust and only get better.

The Landing Page – Then and Now

The purpose of the landing page really hasn’t changed, although it did become a less popular part of good web design in recent years. As color and design trends have continued to adjust and change, the concept of a visual introductory page to guide users to the real meat and potatoes of the website has again become desired.

With so many websites online and the need to separate one business from the competition, landing pages are back, and being used by some of the best websites to attract viewers with bold imagery and color – and just enough teasing so that viewers want to actually click to read more in-depth information.

Basically, a landing page is similar to the home page – it should create enough interest and provide just the right amount of information so readers want to know more. Through attractive web design, just the right amount of copy, and simple call-to-action buttons, landing pages say and do a lot without too much on them.

Creating the Best Landing Pages

When planning out an effective landing page, the main attributes to keep in mind are the targeted audience, a good web design that is visually complementary to the website’s purpose, obvious call-to-action buttons, and lack of clutter. These introductory pages to a product or service should arouse an audience’s curiosity and establish a need to know more in a visual way.

Copy on a useful landing page should highlight important features with short summaries or bullet points of what can be found within the website, enough to arouse interest without providing answers. Adding testimonials can provide necessary authority to those still browsing in an effort to gain enough trust to click to more information. There should be some kind of excitement created to encourage clicking a call-to-action.

When it comes to making a good impression, online businesses often only have one chance to generate enough interest in a product or serve that viewers want to know more. As design trends are once again beginning to include landing pages, it is vital to have a professional, eye-catching web design created, one that speaks loudly about the features to be found by clicking a call-to-action button and progress further into the website. The most attractive landing page web design delivers a powerful tool that can drastically affect the success of not only the website but the business as well. Find good web design that can unleash the power of an effective landing page to attract viewers – and buyers!

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