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The most important element on any sales website is a Call to Action button. Without this link, users would be unsure how to complete a purchase or conversion, making the website essentially useless. Yet getting the best results from CTAs in custom web design requires more than simply adding a clickable icon. Web designers must understand what makes an effective CTA button that will obtain the most action!

Button Shape

Buttons can be created in any shape imaginable; however, research shows that the classic rectangle or a rectangle with rounded corners is the most effective. The reason for this is simple:  people associate rectangular buttons with actions. Visitors are used to searching for the rectangular button when they want to do something. Creative use of other shapes can work in some instances; however, most web designers will probably want to stick with what is known to work.

Button Size

Another critical concern when creating effective CTAs is the size of the button, especially on mobile websites. These clickable links need to be large enough to be comfortably touched with a fingertip. Based on finger tapping tests, a minimum target area of at least 10mm by 10mm is required for accurate use of buttons on a mobile device, although slightly larger is actually recommended. In addition to the minimum tap target area, web designers must also consider the amount of padding between active links so they are easy to tap independently.

Clear and Motivational Labeling

The label on the CTA is as important as the shape, since the label confirms that the user is in the right place. Whether using an icon or text, custom web design should always include CTAs with clear and easily understandable labels that motivate the user to convert. There should be no question as to what the button will do, or where it will take the user once it is clicked.

Design Consistency

Based on the above three qualities, an effective custom web design should include consistent use of these elements to create similar buttons throughout the website. It reduces questions as to what is and is not a button, and helps the user get to the point of conversion faster and more successfully.

Visual Accents and Cues

Other ways to accentuate buttons to be more effective is with shadows that make them pop off the page, contrasting colors that make them more visible, and feedback effects that indicate when the link has been clicked. Buttons should stand out on the page to attract attention, then provide an easy understanding of when the button is activated by using different link effects like color changes, shadows, and simple animated effects. CTAs should be visually bolder and brighter than other buttons on the page to distinguish them as being more important.

Most web designers understand the importance of including a strong Call to Action in custom web design to generate the most response. To do this, it is essential to understand the simple, yet critical factors that combine to create the best buttons. A CTA that is noticeable, understandable, and easy to use is one that will result in more overall conversions and fewer lost users who never get to that final, critical purchasing step!

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