How to Lower Web Design Costs on a Shoestring Budget!


web design costsMost people think creating a website is bound to have high web design costs, which isn’t really true. You can pay someone to design a website for maybe just a few hundred dollars or even less.  What is true about web design costs vs. results is the statement “what you pay is what you get”. Yet if you are patient enough to do some research, it is still possible to find some good web design packages. In this article, let me give you some tips on how you can keep web design costs in a tolerable range.

Web design costs depend somewhat on the web designer selected; therefore, if you want to have an affordable website design, you should also look for an affordable web designer. On the other hand, make sure not to compromise quality over cost. Inexpensive or cheap websites will only give you problems down the line.

Categories of web designers

1.    First, there’s the freelance web designer. This is usually a hobbyist or beginner just starting out. No doubt the least web design costs fall into this category.

2.    Second are web design firms. They are usually composed of several web designers who form a team. Web design costs with this category are a bit higher than that of a freelance web designer because of the greater number of people working on the site.  You can expect a good quality of work from web design firms.

3.    The third group is web design corporations. They work on large-scale websites and employ several web design teams to handle more work at a given time. They also charge the highest web design costs in the categories.

When selecting a web designer, I would suggest using a web design firm. Although they cost more than freelance web designers, you can expect faster turnaround and high quality work from them. Web design costs with these designers are less than what web design companies would charge. There are even web design firms who offer discounts on their web design packages just to help lower web design costs to the customer.

Consideration of Features

Know what features are being used and ask if any can possibly be eliminated that won’t be necessary on your site to lower the web design costs. Discuss your plans with your web designer and be honest about your budget. Some web designers are flexible on their rates and would be more than happy to meet your needs within your budget.

Payment method

Chose a payment method based on the scale of your proposed website. A two or three page website would probably be best designed on a per-page rate to lower cost. If the total number of pages you plan for your site is over three, select a package rate. Then the designer can quote a fixed rate before working on the site.   Custom designs will always carry the most expensive web design costs.
There are many things to consider when looking at web design costs for your website.  Hopefully the above information will prove to be helpful in your handling of these website costs.

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